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Blur Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main Menu (Singleplayer)
See the countryside!
Loading Screen (Singleplayer)
Started a fan event
I still have traumas because I haven't dodged
"Very drifty"
The race is complete - I completed all the primary goals, hit the fan target and completed the fan run = Complete Success.
Photo mode
Dirt tracks are also included in the pack.
Racing as a bunch through the harbour
The game only features flying starts introduced by small movies.
Play 1 hit me hard.
Player 1 got two awards - that bastard!
Racing up-hill through the dirt in two-player splitscreen mode.
Four-play splitscreen action - a dream comes true.
All four players are close together and player 3 has to watch out for the burning wreck player 2 currently is.
Driving along the shoreline
Players can choose between two maps for the next race.
This track is really cruel. 100% of the players at least once fell down the hill on the left...
The city track is very colorful.
Just using this shot to show off how awesome I am :).
This Motor Mash map takes place on an 8-track.
The most awesome Motor Mash track takes place on the roof of a skyscraper.
Piled up in a corner. Easy way to make points for player 1 and 4 - if they still had weapons.
Motor Mash on an abandoned race circuit.