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Bob the Builder: Can We Fix It? Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

The game's title screen

(French release)
The game starts with a short animated introduction

(French release)
The main menu. There are hotspots around the screen that give the player access to the mini games
The game has few configuration options

(French release)
The Bubble Trouble mini game menu

(French release)
Most mini games start and end with a short animation. This one's from 'Bubble Trouble'
All mini games have some basic instructions. Here it's about steering the steamroller around the square flattening the bubbles.

(French release)
The Bubble Trouble game where the player has to flatten bubbles
Where's the Sardine? Played this for a while and never saw one at all. This game appears quite often, different locations but the same gameplay
The Wendy's Birthday mini game menu. In the French release she's called Zoe and the "Where's the Pilchard?" game is repeated
In the French release "Wild West Wendy" dancing game is called "Zoe Au Saloon"
The instructions for "Cake-tastic!
All games are either keyboard or mouse controlled

(French release)
The Cake-tastic! mini game is really a basic painting activity
the "Knock It Down" activity.
Here the player moves left/right and targets parts of the bridge. It can be played with the keyboard or the mouse

(French release)
"Build It Up". Here the player has to get the digger to put the required bridge piece into the truck then deliver it to the crane where it is unloaded

(French release)
"Radiator Riddle". Bob must place the pieces of piping into the cut-outs in the picture
"Fixing The Leaks". It may look as though Bob is taking a leak but actually he's fixing one
"Scary Spud" is also renamed in the French release.
"Scary Spud" has the player chasing crows away from the seeds
"Travis' Race Day" can be raced as either of these characters
"Travis' Race Day" is a top down game. the left/right arrows steer while spacebar accelerates. The controls are sloppy and imprecise

(French release)
"Tunnel Time" involves helping porcupines cross a road by having Lofty build a tunnel under the road.
After Lofty builds the porcupine tunnel Zoe/Wendy gets to herd the beasts down the pipe in another mini game