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Way too easy and way to short Jaap Jansen (44) 3.17 Stars3.17 Stars3.17 Stars3.17 Stars3.17 Stars

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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the voice or video acting. 3.9
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 3.3
Graphics The visual quality of the game 3.5
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 3.1
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.4
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 3.1
Overall User Score (19 votes) 3.4

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Just Adventure (Nov 18, 2005)
Ever wondered whether it’s possible to make a game that’s sweet without being saccharine, genuine without being patronizing, and kid-friendly without being completely snooze-worthy? I used to wonder the same thing, but now that question has been answered for me.
Adventurearchiv (Apr 24, 2006)
Alright, what can I say – the game has convinced me completely – now I’m a Bone fan, too! It’s obvious that the people at Telltale have put their heart and soul into the project. From backgrounds via facial animation to character animation there is no better way to design the graphics – just like one could possibly have imagined the computer-animated models of Bone and all the others. The dialogues are funny and inventive, the voice-overs perfect. The puzzles are basically very easy but nevertheless originally designed and the subject matter as well as the phrasing is suitable for both children and adult gamers. Due to the easy tasks the latter might probably rather enjoy the wonderful story and the fantastic graphics and puzzle a little bit while doing so. One last thing worth mentioning would be that the price of the game has been lowered considerably and so one can now also say that the cost/performance ratio is very reasonable.
Adventure Lantern (Mar, 2006)
To be fair, as well as frank, really good looking, well educated, with a huge car, and with olympic level athletic skills, I must admit that Bone is an overall great game. The game is being published by its original creators, and not through a huge multinational corporation. This accounts for many of Bone’s limitations, which Telltale seems to be slowly overcoming. Who knows? We could be witnessing the birth of the first truly important independent game developer. The future will tell. Buy Bone. Bye.
GamesRadar (Jan 16, 2006)
Bone: Out From Boneville is based on a whimsical, almost Disney-esque comic book series starring three short, sassy, semi-human cartoon cousins called the Bones. They're a handful just by themselves, but they're further complimented by and extended cast that includes a beautiful girl, a bored-looking dragon, an apron-clad grandmother who races cows, a bug named Ted, and an army of talking rat creatures who entertain a strange love of quiche. It's clever, charming, and a little bit timeless; the kind of stuff kids love because it's vibrant and goofy, and adults love because it's smarter and more meaningful than its cartoonish look would suggest.
80 (Jan 17, 2006)
Bone : Out from Boneville est l'adaptation vidéoludique de la BD éponyme de Jeff Smith. Celle-ci raconte l'histoire des trois cousins Bone, chassés de Boneville (d'où le titre), et de la façon dont leur arrivée dans une vallée lointaine changera le cours des choses pour tous les habitants de la vallée. Cette BD a été traduite en français aux éditions Delcourt, et comporte douze volumes. Le jeu fait (re)vivre le premier volume de cette série.
Adventure-Treff (Sep 17, 2005)
Wer von einem Adventure vor allem knackige Puzzles, an denen man Wochen lang herumgrübeln kann, erwartet, sollte definitiv die Finger von Bone lassen. Wer sich hingegen von einer fantastischen Welt, lebendigen Dialogen und ungewöhnlichen Charakteren mit unwahrscheinlich viel Charme verzaubern lassen möchte, und dabei bereit ist, für dieses kurzweiliges Vergnügen 20 € auf den Tisch zu legen, sollte auf jeden Fall zugreifen. Auch für Genre-Neulinge (und Adventure-Fans, die sich darüber ärgern, dass sie bei praktisch jedem Adventure in die Komplettlösung spicken müssen) sollte dieser Titel interessant sein.
75 PC Gaming (Jun 18, 2007)
This episode seems to be lacking quite a bit as far as the storyline and length are concerned. It should supposedly last about three hours, but it seemed even shorter than that to me; much too short, actually. I also found the hide-and-seek puzzle to be annoying the second time around with Phoney. The Great Cow Race is an improvement, and I have a feeling that the series could become very popular as more episodes are released.
This game is aimed at a wide audience of gamers, especially those who enjoy idyllic, yet unconventional worlds, spirited characters and snappy dialog. Ideal audience: families that game together.
Adventure Europe (Dec 02, 2005)
The premise of the game leaves you longing for more, the abrupt ending even more so. Bone is definitely not up to the standards of the Lucasarts adventure classics. Dodgy graphics, limited interactivity, short length and bugs in the distribution system are some flaws that Telltale will have to improve on before they release the second episode. On the other hand, the company showed that there is potential, and we might see great things coming from their side. It takes strong guts to try something new (in this case digital distribution). And the game does offer a lot of funny moments that will stay in your memory. Although Bone is not the greatest adventure ever, it might be the beginning of a new era for adventure games. An era where publishers and their charts won't decide what game we can get and what game we can't.
Gamer 2.0 (Sep 18, 2005)
Despite the ordinary name, Jeff Smith must be an interesting fellow. That is, considering he’s behind Bone, a series of comic books detailing the lives of the three Bone cousins, Fone, Phoney and Smiley. This motley crew of blood-relatives have traversed the weirdest, wackiest locales known to man and met some exceedingly different characters in the series of nine graphic novels. Developer Telltale, comprised of former LucasArts employees, has created the PC rendition of Bone: Out From Boneville, Smith’s very first foray into comic book-don.
GameStar (Germany) (Sep, 2005)
Ich kannte die Bone-Comics bislang nicht, werde das aber unverzüglich nachholen. Denn die Story um die knochigen Kameraden ist sehr humorvoll, ohne dabei zu abgedreht zu werden. Das Adventure fällt aber deutlich zu kurz aus (Telltale Games plant allerdings Fortsetzungen). Außerdem sind die wenigen Rätsel alles andere als anspruchsvoll. Ich werde mir Teil 2 (wenn er denn tatsächlich erscheinen sollte) ersparen. Denn 20 Euro für zwei Stunden Spielspaß sind mir deutlich zu viel. Die investiere ich lieber in die Print-Vorlage.
Avid Gamer (Feb 27, 2008)
The game allows all ages to play as most of the puzzles aren’t exactly taxing, and even if you get stuck there is a build in hint system that will tell you word for word what you need to do. While most of these negatives can be overlooked it just a shame that on this DVD version we only get the one episode and not two bundled together to carry on the story (like Sam & Max). Bone makes an example that adventure games are still needed and are worth playing. As I said before, this game won’t change the mass opinion, but every developer that makes a new adventure game takes me back to my youth and stimulates my brain, which can’t exactly be said about the sea of FPS’s. It’s a good start and we hope it continues.
Lots to like but very little time in which to enjoy it. Telltale have found an awesome formulae; they just need to refine it.
Quandary (Oct, 2005)
So for budding adventurers it's great fun, the puzzles are fairly straightforward, and there is a good hint system so it's virtually impossible to get stuck. If in doubt just click on the question mark at the lower right of screen where there is a gradation of hints available. There is also an excellent tutorial to set novices on the right track.
The only problem that I have in recommending this game is the $20 price tag. If it were half that price I would be jumping up and down and waving my arms in the air. But as such I imagine that only fans of the comic book will be willing to fork out that kind of dough for such a short visit with their pals that have been magically brought to life in the digital medium.
GameZone (Jan 06, 2006)
Fone, Phoney and Smiley, the Bone cousins, have been booted out of Boneville for, allegedly, some shady dealings that Phoney had engaged in. But whether it was shady or not, Phoney is just a stingy type that grates on everyone's nerves, sooner or later. For some inexplicable reason they find themselves in the middle of a desert-like place, completely lost.
PC Games (Germany) (Oct 24, 2005)
Die Macher des nie veröffentlichten Sam & Max 2: Freelance Police haben sich unter neuer Flagge formiert und mit Bone ihr Erstlingswerk veröffentlicht. Auf Grundlage der hier zu Lande unbekannten Comics von Jeff Smith erleben die drei knuffigen Hauptcharaktere Fone, Smiley und Phoney ein schräges Abenteuer, bei dem sie herrlich skurrilen Gestalten über den Weg laufen.
Adventure Gamers (Sep 22, 2005)
The Bone comics are one of those success stories that could only have happened in the openness of the independent comic scene of the late 80s and early 90s. Self-published in 1991 by writer and artist Jeff Smith, the first book alone (and the one this chapter of the game is based on) has gone on to sell over 100,000 copies since its initial publication.
Out From Boneville could’ve had something! It could’ve been a contender! But several major flaws make this game fall flat on its face. I really want to love the game! I really do! I have faith in the guys from Tell Tale Games and I’m very sure that they will make the necessary improvements for the second installment. Just make it a little more challenging AND add some more gameplay time - a lot more!
Przygodoskop (Jun 02, 2006)
Pozostaje najważniejsze, czyli podsumowanie. Nie powiem, żebym źle bawił się przy Bone. Jednak te 3-4 godziny, które spędziłem przy grze, to zdecydowanie za krótko za prawie 80 złotych, które zapłaciłem. Przykro mi to mówić, ale jeżeli Telltale nie wyciągnie wniosków z narzekań graczy dotyczących stosunku ceny do długości gry, nie wróżę im długiej kariery. A szkoda, bo zamierzają wydać też nowe gry z Samem i Maxem, również w odcinkach.
Bordersdown (May, 2006)
Out From Boneville is an irksomely difficult title to finally score. The potential is there for the series to truly progress and become something quite memorable, but as this is Telltale’s first episode in the series, a few flaws do stand out. Cases of repetitious dialogue occur far too frequently, as does the odd graphical glitch. Plus the somewhat childlike visuals and script may turn off those who fell in love with the more mature humour of the early LucasArts titles. Despite these few misgivings however, Out From Boneville is an enjoyable, if purposely short-lived, title that beckons well for what will hopefully transform into a long and fruitful line of Bone episodes. A solid, if unspectacular base on which to build.
Adventure Island (May 23, 2006)
Ik ben best tevreden over Bone. Mijn eerste indruk was dan ook onjuist en het is gewoon een spel met een erg leuk en een interessant verhaal met leuke karakters en een lekkere sfeer. Het eindcijfer is echter een kleine 6. En eigenlijk neig ik nog naar een onvoldoende. Waarom? Het spel is veel te kort. Ik was er in minder dan 4 uur doorheen. En dan kan je nog zo'n goed verhaal hebben, met leuke, kleurrijke personages en prachtige voice overs. Maar voor 12,99 Dollar kan je het niet waar voor je geld noemen. Echter omdat de game toch goed in elkaar steekt en ik het niet over mijn hart kan verkrijgen om de sympathieke figuren een onvoldoende te geven, krijgen ze toch een zes. Hopelijk is het volgende deel langer en hebben ze wat dingen verbeterd op het gebied van de puzzels en de graphics.
As an episodic series, Bone will need to evolve further if it is to retain its original audience over the span of several releases. While Bone: Out from Boneville is fun for awhile, this inaugural episode for the game series is also easy to outgrow.
Gameplay (Benelux) (Oct 29, 2005)
De dialogen en situaties zijn vrij geestig, zonder echt hilarisch te zijn. Het adventuregedeelte is leuk maar veel te simplistisch, aangezien er nauwelijks interactie is met de omgeving en objecten onderling. Het grootste gebrek van dit spel is echter dat je het in niet meer dan drie uur hebt uitgespeeld!
1UP (Nov 04, 2005)
The downside: Bone lasts for only about five hours and ends right where the first part of the comic does. To get the full story, you'll have to wait for the next chapters to come out (which cost $20 each, from, so you might want to wait and play it all at once. This first Bone chapter isn't for serious gamers but it's still fun for all ages--and great for fans of the comics.
The downside: Bone lasts for only about five hours and ends right where the first part of the comic does. To get the full story, you’ll have to wait for the next chapters to come out (which cost $20 each, from, so you might want to wait and play it all at once. This first Bone chapter isn’t for serious gamers but it’s still fun for all ages—and great for fans of the comics.
60 (UK) (Dec 10, 2005)
It really wasn't that long ago when almost every other must-buy game seemed to emerge from the infinitely talented LucasArts, and the merest mention of a new one was enough to cause your heart to beat out of your chest. And then the second Star Wars trilogy spoiled everything and turned the once-peerless studio into a digital merchandising operation dedicated to milking the brand for all its worth.
IGN (Oct 03, 2005)
For a decade Jeff Smith detailed the adventures of three cartoonish creatures from Boneville in his popular series Bone. Broken into nine parts, Bone is a work of singular visual and has earned critical acclaim for its imaginative world of fantasy. Telltale Games snatched up the license to the now-completed series, determined to recreate the fascinating fantasy world that held comics readers spellbound for years. In many ways Telltale succeeded in capturing the essence of the comics, but the demands of a sophisticated PC community leaves Bone: Out from Boneville, the first of several Bone games, lacking in polish, depth and great gameplay.
PC Zone (Nov 28, 2005)
Thing is though, episodic as it may be, this is two hours of entertainment being sold off for $20 (11) which, despite the fuzziness, is a total rip-off for two hours of play. What's more, punctuating all the stomping and the shrew-play are some of the worst attempts at mini-games ever: sub- Flash and sub-normal, the hardest thing about sections like the running from bees' game is attempting to not stab your own eyes out...
Absolute Games ( (Oct 03, 2005)
Типичный образчик «for casual gamers», игра не удивляет ни дизайном, ни заданиями. В марафоне по жутко линейным уровням мы иногда застреваем на минутку-другую, дабы расправиться с легкой головоломкой или прослушать потешный диалог. Собственно, весь процесс представлен незамысловатыми мини-играми: аркадными забегами, натянутыми пазлами и элементарными предметными задачками. Когда же предоставленные полтора (!) часа подходят к концу, становится совсем грустно. Вопреки бережной работе художников и сценаристов, не этого мы ждали от людей, в давние времена трудившихся в LucasArts. Дэйв Гроссман (Dave Grossman) ничем не оправдывает участие в проекте. И хотя картинка симпатична, герои колоритны, а шутки — забавны, заслуги Telltale в том почти не чувствуется. Так, слегка приложились. Будем надеяться, что разработчики все же одумаются и вспомнят свое славное прошлое.
Thunderbolt Games (Jan 21, 2008)
At times, it can become annoying how slowly the Bones move around the screen, but it does add just a little more longevity to this first installment, which clocks in at just several hours long. This reflects the low price that this game can be obtained for. As an adaptation of a beloved comic series, Bone: Out from Boneville succeeds by doing justice to the storyline and the characters. However, as an actual game, it's far less successful, unless only the youngest gamers are playing. It's unfortunate but despite this, the effective retelling of a fantastic story makes me want to play the second episode, The Great Cow Race.
50 (Jun 07, 2007)
Bone est l'exemple type du jeu difficile à noter. Très attachant par sa réalisation tout en rondeurs et par son univers très conte de fées, le titre pêche gravement par une durée de vie ridicule et clairement frustrante pour le joueur. Du coup, on met la moyenne en espérant que la suite soit plus consistante. Ou vendue moins chère, c'est au choix.
GotNext (Oct 28, 2005)
Bone is a charming, funny, and nostalgic romp, but it's difficult for me to give it a strong recommendation due to its stifling simplicity. It's a title that children and adults alike will enjoy and it's a refreshingly uncompromised take at a neglected form, but the short-lived thrills are not enough to keep most players coming back. Bone is a game with a lot going for it that just misses the mark. Fortunately, we won't likely have to wait long to see if Telltale can learn from its mistakes with the next episode.
Pairing one of the most promising new developers in the industry with one of the greatest comic series ever seemed to be a match made in heaven. Sadly, the game was unbearably short. This is easily one of the most disappointing games of the year. I can easily say that Fone Bone and gang should have just stayed in Boneville.
Aventura y Cía (Nov 01, 2005)
Bone: Out from Boneville no es un juego. No hay historia, porque es sólo una parte de la misma; no hay introducción, nudo ni desenlace porque sólo jugamos a la introducción. Es una demo de algo que aún no está acabado, y por vendérnoslo como algo jugable, independiente a futuras secuelas y caro, merece nuestro suspenso. Cuando lo vendan en pack con el resto de entregas quizá sí podamos decir que estamos ante una aventura gráfica interesante, pero por ahora esto es lo que hay, y nos parece muy poco.