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Borderlands: Claptrap's New Robot Revolution Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Tartarus station loading screen, the main hub for this add-on.
Station overlook from initial fast travel node, this is where you spawn each time you load up a game saved anywhere in the add-on.
Add-on intro movie, describing how the Robolution came to be: Hyperion Corporation created a special claptrap to attack the vault hunters, so they have to buy more guns from Hyperion to defeat it.
Intro continued; it's all in a paper cutout theater style, narrated by the busdriver/gunseller Marcus to a child, who is questioning his story.
Intro continued; after some banter, the main boss of the add-on is introduced, the 'Interplanetary Ninja Assassin Claptrap'.
Intro continued; the Ninja Claptrap eventually instigates a claptrap rebellion against all humans, calling it a 'Robolution'.
Intro continued; now Hyperion Corp. has to get help to sort things out.
Map of the Tartarus station area. Several other nearby areas/maps are accessible by teleportation, but you can only start a session in this part.
Tannis the scientist reappears in this add-on, with several fetch-missions. She is building something that needs parts from the robots.
These are Tannis' side missions. As all robot enemies you kill drops parts, so even though there are many such missions in total, it's easy to just collect the pieces as you are doing other missions.
I wonder how many TV channels it can receive? It moves slowly, so it can't be a good picture...
A nearby area where many claptraps are hiding, the Hyperion dump.
Some interesting junk dumped here...
Statues of the Robolution's leader are placed in various locations, with buttons that give inspiring messages, in addition to the ever-present loudspeakers blaring his propaganda.
The claptraps have made robots of living beings too, there are some bandits with extra headgear.
When you get near, some ask to be killed, and this request is always granted. The standard view is 1st person, but a 3:rd person view can be enabled by editing config files.
Even the turrets have been robotized.
Also the Skags have been clap-trapped.
Sorry, but I had to put you down, Skaggie.
The claptrap parts range from normal electronics like wires and motherboards to...a very odd mix.
...a fish in a bag - where would it fit?... (find a bowl and you have a friend, find a skillet and you have dinner) It's former claptrap owner lies prone behind it.
...eeh. this is weird. Panty-parts, not party-pants.
Tartarus is a trainstation, but no trains are running nowadays.
Marcus has his gunshop right at the station; location, location.
Seems to have been quite a tourist attraction.
Sanders Gorge, another nearby area the claptraps have claimed as theirs.
Even the ex-Hyperion troopers have been converted to the Robolution.
A mix of soldiers, claptraps and animals awaits in the tunnels.
As you get closer to your goals, the Ninja claptrap messages you, saying it's all part of a cunning plan to lure you in.
The power plant itself has a more neon-like lighting than the rest of the caves.
A switch to open a door in the power plant.
The Ninja claptrap boss has recruited an under-boss, and improved on him a bit. You defeated this guy once before, as general Knoxx. Now his name is 'Knoxx-trap'.
A dead Claptrap 'Freedom Fighter', a common variant. They have shotguns built into their chests. Some throw grenades.
A 'Mighty Kamikaze' Claptrap, wearing a skull rag on his chest. These explode when they get near you.
A Claptrap 'Master Samurai'; they come in two melee versions; this one has knives attached to its claws.
This is the version with boxing gloves; its warcry is 'How do you like that apple?' as he hits you. (A Kamikaze Claptrap is following close behind)
A Hyperion soldier converted to robot.
One of the bigger 'Maniac' bandits is attacking.
The robotized humans have shimmering tattoo's covering their skins, looking somewhat like circuit boards.
A Blazing Maniac in attack mode. (He's on fire, but for some reason the fire doesn't show in this image.)
One of the missions involve activating some defense turrets for the Tartarus station.
After activating the turrets, they keep the bandit-infested outskirts somewhat clean.
Special objects used in missions glow in a pulsating green light .