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Borgia Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu
The game starts at the monastery Camaldoli
Find the letter Lorenzo sent you
Looking for your medical equipment
Place the items nice and tidy to fit in your bag
Talk to Ardicino and Rodrigo before going to Firenze
Cutscenes are the only scenes with voice-acting and can be skipped
Putting the symbols in the right order
Lorenzo de Medici doesn't look too good
Searching Lorenzo's desk
Agostina's room
Clicking too fast without finding anything will shortly cover the screen with vines
Searching for keys to Agostina's trunk
Numbers over keyholes have to do something with the shapes of the keys
Looking for Lorenzo's gifts for Agostina
Trying to find which gift was not given by Lorenzo
Reassembling the shredded letter
Checking the fireplace
Lorenzo has been murdered
Your medical bag
Looking for red cabbage
Trying to find out which poison killed Lorenzo
Informing Piero about his father's murder
Sneaking back into the mannor
Figuring the combination to unlock the casket
Matching coats of arms to right family names
Talking to Ardicino della Porta
Meeting Silvio in the monastery's garden
Playing versus Silvio the game of matching three or more identical items in a row or column
Setting off for Rome
Talking to Rodrigo Borgia in Rome
Marcoantonio is the first suspect in this murder investigation
Asking Cesare to distract Marcoantonio so I can sneak into and check his room for clues
Searching the room for clues
Rummaging through the documents
Meeting Lucrezia Borgia
Juan Borgia has his eye set on Giuliano's daughter
Sneaking into Giuliano's mansion
Searching for clues beneath the bed
Giulia is gonna help me search for Orsini's room
Lots of stuff on these bookshelves
Found a secret chamber
There's a code in the corner of this portrait
Unlocking the casket yielded a rather interesting letter
Gotta make items unique per row and column
Looking for the right room key
Second murder
This is some serious misunderstanding
Connecting clues using deduction
Francesc seems to believe in my innocence