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Windows version

Main menu
Loadout - Weapons, Perks, Gadgets
Loadout - perks
Loadout - gadgets
Character Models - Sniper
Loading level Silo game type Infiltration
RPG hit taking damage from front
In game Class Selection change
Enemy in my sniper crosshairs....
KILL +5 XP - as I take cover and reload
After another hard shot KILL +19 XP - rank up
Another kill with only 6 rounds left
Killed by machine gun nest in distance
Death cam shows my killers position - respawn in 5 seconds
Quick check of in game kills/point totals
Enemy sneaking into our side of the canyon
While playing sniper....always check your back
Red team lost the match
Loading level Ascent game type Infiltration - game hints and tips during loading
Level loaded respawn game start in 1 second
Ammo crate - I'll take the RPG
RPG shot to remove some house cover
That got some attention and a return RPG shot
Surprised by enemy from corner taking damage
Another RPG shot to the enemy by the boulder
You can get ASSIT +2 XP for some kills
He can't even see it coming!
Reloading my 45
Victory this round!