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Destructoid (Mar 07, 2013)
Some of the puzzles are a bit of trial-and-error since the more complicated mechanics take a certain amount of experience to fully understand. The difficulty can also be a bit wonky at times, alternating back and forth between "hard as a five star Sudoku" and "easy as a word search." Despite these issues though, The Bridge is an experience that I haven't had since P.B. Winterbottom and Braid, and it gives both of them a run for their money. Together, these three games now constitute my Holy Trinity of puzzle games.
The Bridge is half art, half game. The art is definitely well done. The game is also quite polished, though in my opinion, a bit short. There are 24 main levels, and later, 24 mirror levels. If you are willing to consult a walkthrough, it could easily be completed in a few hours. But if not, some of them are extremely difficult. While I solved the vast majority of them myself, I had to consult a walkthrough a few times. They can be very challenging. If you are up for it, I'd recommend you give The Bridge a good look.
ActionTrip (Apr 02, 2013)
If The Bridge has any disadvantage, it would have to be its price to length ratio. Depending on how fast your mind works, you can finish it in a couple of hours, or... never (Like some people I know. – Ed. Vader). In a sense, the dumber you are, the more bang you get for your buck. Yay! Going back to the issue in the first paragraph, The Bridge has achievements too, but they're neatly tucked away in the menu and you won't care about them anyway. In this game, the satisfaction of progressing without outside help is the only thing you'll ever want. I hope you'll give it a try.
GameSpot (Mar 01, 2013)
Although rage-inducing difficulty spikes exist, The Bridge generally offers a middle path that should appeal both to newcomers and to expert puzzle solvers. The game's chief appeal may lie in both its unique visuals and its calming soundtrack, but the puzzles themselves are memorable set pieces worth revisiting after the first completion. The core gameplay may be short, but The Bridge makes good use of that time by presenting a commendable variety of puzzles, and it's an easy recommendation for players seeking to span the bridge between fun and thought.
73 (Mar 22, 2013)
Lust und Frust liegen recht nah beieinander, wenn sich der Kopf in die "unmöglichen" Räume von The Bridge reindenkt. Lust kommt dann auf, wenn man die vertrackten Gebilde entschlüsselt – plötzlich wandelt man wie auf den Pfaden einer einzigartigen Fantasiewelt. Vor allem die späteren Gebilde mit unterschiedlichen Schwerkräften sind tolle Spielwiesen für echte Querdenker. Frust entsteht aber, weil viele frühe Aufgaben durch bloßes Herumlaufen schon lösbar und einige späte Rätsel selbst für Escher-Experten kaum zu durchschauen sind. Die ganze große Faszination strahlt The Bridge nicht aus – ein sehr stilvolles, spielerisch interessantes Experiment ist es allemal!
Digital Spy (Feb 20, 2013)
It's at this point that the less patient will grow tired of having to resort to the trial-and-error approach in order to reach some of the more obtuse solutions. Particularly the later levels, it often felt like pure luck when we happened to get to the exit. The Bridge is also relatively short, but at the same time it doesn't outstay its welcome. It's for the most part enjoyable while it lasts, and provides a decent thought-provoking time. For those looking for more, an extra and challenging 'mirror' world doubles the number of puzzles available.
60 (UK) (Mar 01, 2013)
With obvious debts to such indie hits as Braid, Limbo and The Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom, The Bridge ultimately feels like a truncated compilation of iconic motifs rather than a fully-fledged experience in its own right. If it were deeper, more substantial or just more confident in exploring its ideas, then The Bridge might have earned a place alongside the titles it idolises rather than following in their shadow.
Gameplay (Benelux) (Feb 28, 2013)
De 2D-puzzelgame The Bridge van Ty Taylor en Mario Castañeda heeft heel wat raakpunten met Antichamber. Het is al erg lang in ontwikkeling, kaapte vele prijzen weg op indiefestivals en is geïnspireerd op het werk van M.C. Escher. The Bridge voegt hier echter nog een intrigerend hoofdstuk zwaartekracht aan toe die je moet manipuleren om met het hoofdpersonage van punt A naar punt B te geraken en zo uiteindelijk het level te voltooien. Het spel start eenvoudig, maar zal al spoedig je hersencellen doen kraken en je inlevingsvermogen met "onmogelijke figuren en situaties" danig op de proef stellen. Het degelijke leveldesign zorgt er echter voor dat de game steeds aangenaam blijft spelen en dat frustratie opvallend genoeg tot een minimum beperkt blijft. Tel daar een op lithografie geïnspireerde zwart-wit tekenstijl en knipogen naar Braid en The Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom bij op en je hebt een puzzelgame die je gewoon niet mag missen.