Brink of Consciousness: Dorian Gray Syndrome Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title / main menu
Intro Sam Wilde reporter
Intro Anna is abducted
Intro supposedly Anna is being held here Goldvale Manor
Game start - top of screen shows the narritive from Oscar
Reviewing the journal
Music room
Tuning a guitar
Makeup room
Makeup room - objects
First victim and Oscar explains the background
Oscar with a fire trap between you and him preventing his capture
Disabled fire trap to access elevator to backyard grounds
Storm cellar - objects
Another victim in the garage
Garage puzzle
Back grounds gazebo the mansion is huge
Inside the clock tower another victim as Oscar explains
Clock tower picture puzzle
Billiard ball puzzle
Trophy room
Garden and another victim Oscar calls the flowergirl
Balcony but I must dispatch the cobra on the floor to pass
Again Oscar could be captured if not for the spinning saw blades
The nursery room also another victim
Nursery room - train puzzle
Scary bathroom note the snakes head in the tub
Bathroom - objects
Attic puzzle
Kitchen - Oscar taunts
The butler victim as Oscar explains he has given him eternal life?
Mermaid in the Fountain victim - which is also a puzzle
Wine cellar
Diorama puzzle
Catacombs beneath the grounds
Drowning but Oscar saves you given his other plans for your death