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British Open Championship Golf Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

The main menu. Pretty self-explanatory.
Clicking "Players" takes to Player Selection. You have a mix of amateur to professional golfers to go up against. The pro range contains extremely formidable foes, such as "The Big Fijian" himself.
Tournament selection. Set skill level, players, each day of the tourney. A fair number of options.
Match menu. Set up a specific kind of match, and pick a set of holes to play.
Settings! Fairly brief. General "graphics quality" drop down, sound volume (with 5 separate sliders), hints and movies checklist. In-game resolution up to 1024x768 (menus are locked to 640x480).
You have two courses to choose from. St Andrews itself (in it's very first digital recreation)...
...and another rota course, Royal Troon.
You have a few "condition" options going into a course. Weather, pin placement and so on.
At the start of each hole you get a map of the layout. Click on the blue "Strategy" button and you'll get a video giving you tips for the hole.
The game itself. Course looks a bit desolate (probably is in real life too). Otherwise, good graphics for the era.
Moving your cursor on your guy activates the power bar. You get two clicks once it's going, the closer those clicks are to the two yellow arrows, the more accurate your shot will be.
You can measure out you distance. Your most recent sample will be the location the game will try and aim your swing at.
Who cares about rules? You can adjust your direction a full 360 degrees. How about a good shot at the stands?
Fore! (totally not cliché)
Getting a little closer in the right direction. Note that you can change clubs by clicking the blue box in the lower right corner of the screen.
Putting gives you a different aiming bar with finer measurement than the other clubs.
Ah, +1, not the best result for this demonstration. Think you can do better?