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Written by  :  Dbchannel (118)
Written on  :  May 08, 2020
Rating  :  4.17 Stars4.17 Stars4.17 Stars4.17 Stars4.17 Stars
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Tempting Templars

The Good

Broken Sword 2.5 (here in after referred to as BS2.5) is a wonderful little game in the tradition of classic adventure games. Fans of the Broken Sword games will enjoy it, as well as new comers to the franchise.

The game's graphics are beautiful, the point and click interface is user friendly and the voice acting highlights some talented people. If you loved adventure games from the 1990s, then you will be right at home with this game.

The Bad

The first complaint I have about BS2.5 is that some of the puzzles are repetitive (i.e. having to blow a dog whistle several times) or the puzzles strain the traditional "logic" in adventure games (i.e. by having you put items together for one puzzle and then separate the items for use in another puzzle.)

The second complaint that I have about BS2.5 is that the game is just too damn short. When the game ends, you will be wanting the adventures to go on, but, alas, this fan made project does not have any sort of followup.

The Bottom Line

Broken Sword 2.5 is a wonderful, little adventure game in the tradition of the first two Broken Sword titles, as well as other adventure games that were published in the 1990s. You can download the entire game for free, which makes it an affordable adventure for people that like some 2D point and click adventuring.