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Written by  :  ETJB (450)
Written on  :  Feb 07, 2010
Platform  :  Windows
Rating  :  3.83 Stars3.83 Stars3.83 Stars3.83 Stars3.83 Stars

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Broken Sword 2

The Good

Broken Sword 2 features superior graphics and sound fit for an animated movie by Don Bluth. Beyond the amazing, late 1990s visual and audio features, the game offers an enjoyable, point n' click, adventure game storyline. While the game's script may not be as funny as Monkey Island or Disc World, it's some of funniest stuff I heard in an adventure game in a long time.

The Bad

My complaints with the Broken Sword 2 mainly fall on its linear game play. Exploration in the game is limited to what is needed to complete a specific task or puzzle. You rarely have the option to backtrack in the game and the final puzzle in the game feels anti-climatic. Game play aside, I did notice a few, glitches on 'Zombie Island' where failure to complete certain puzzles in the proper order may force you to restart the game or load a saved game.

The Bottom Line

Broken Sword: The Smoking Mirror is a great graphic adventure game from the late 1990s. Fans of the genre, especially games that have some humor in them, will enjoy the ride, but may end up feeling a bit hungry for more, once the game is completed.