Buichi Terasawa's Takeru: Letter of the Law Credits


Based on the original story and digital art byBuichi Terasawa
Produced byMichael Cea Blackman
Designed byMichael Cea Blackman
Interactive DesignPepe Tomé
Senior AuthorPepe Tomé
Lead 3D AnimatorAlan Wood
2D Map DesignAlan Wood
Project ManagerDebbie Chambers
Dialogue WriterGeorge Roubicek
Voice Over DirectorGeorge Roubicek
Soundtrack Composed & Performed byRory McFarlane
3D AnimatorsEamon Hourigan, Vas Shiarlis
2D AnimatorsAlison Murray, Paul Sharling, Vanessa Walker
Additional AuthoringPaul Sharling
Audio EngineerPaul James
Sound EffectsPaul James
Package DesignGraham Evans
Gateway SectionVanessa Walker, Alison Murray
TestingRussell Wilkinson, Claire Hartill
Voiceover actorsToni Barry, Colin Bruce, Denica Fairman, Jeff Harding, Tamsin Hollo, David de Keyser, Peter Marinker, Eric Meyers, William Roberts (as Bob Roberts), Robert B. Sherman (as Bob Sherman), Shelley Thompson
Thanks ToThe Epic Multimedia Group plc., Jim Brathwaite, Clive Sheperd, Andrew Duncan, Junco Ito, Manabu Kose, Jim Weatherford, Andy Frain, Steve Barden, Bruce Leigh, Tony Luke, Nick West, John Enser, Mark Sherwood-Edwards, Nicholas Cannon, Cathy White, Vicky Sheperd, Chloe Hayward, Kay Jewell, Erika Edwards, Gerard Page, Christian Canton, Simon Burt, Joss Sanglier, Andrew Bayton-Power, Pamela Reidy, Kwok Tang, Simon Convey, EMG Accounts Dept., Peter Ahearn, Simon Buckingham, Mary Dodd, Ashley Hampton, Laura Griffiths, Alfredo Sanchez, Christian van Hoven, Paul McGillvray, The Sound Company, Printique, AVT, The Bagel Man

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Credits for this game were contributed by Macs Black (80155)