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Bust-A-Move 4 Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Intro with cute Japanese characters
All the different characters together
Title screen
Choose puzzle or vs. mode
You can change a lot of stuff in the options menu
Explanation of the new Chain Reaction gameplay
Example of a Chain Reaction Combo (4 times)
Explanation of the new Pulley System
Bub & Bob or was it Bob & Bub
The background story isn't exactly Pullizer Prize material
Battle other characters for their Rainbow Bubble
If you perform a Chain Reaction, new bubbles are added on your opponent's side of the screen.
You win the battle if your opponent's screen is full
Puzzle mode: select your route/stage
Level start
These rainbow bubbles can take on any color
You receive extra points when you clear a stage very fast
When you hit one of those star bubbles with a bubble of a certain color, all bubbles with that color are removed
Good shots are rewarded with animations (this almost looks like Streetfighter ;-> )
Story/Vs mode: each character has it's own world