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C-evo Credits

43 people (40 developers, 3 thanks)


Game DesignSid Meier (Original "Sid Meier's Civilization" and "Civilization II" design), Brian Reynolds (Original "Sid Meier's Civilization" and "Civilization II" design), Changes based on suggestions by Civ fans
ProgrammingSteffen Gerlach
TestingNumerous testers. Thanks to all of them!
Other ContributionsSeveral textures taken from ''Mayang's Free Textures''., Charles Nadolski (City lists)
GraphicsMost graphics are taken from free Civ II modpacks., Some of the authors are unknown or could not be contacted. If you notice stuff that is under commercial copyright, if you’re missing your name in the credit list or if you do not agree in using your work with this project, please contact us., Alex Mor (ALEX), Andrew Miller (AM), Bernd Brosing (BB), Captain Nemo (nemo), Carl Fritz (CF), David/Batarg (B), Erwan (e), Jesús Balsinde (JBR), John Petroski (JP), Levente (RL), Michael H. Nielsen (MHN), Michael Jeszenka (MJ), Stefan de Jonge (SdJ), Steffen Gerlach (SG), Tim F. Smith (TS), William H. Keith (future scenery)
SoundsSteffen Gerlach, arewhyaen91 (victory music), BlackCow (shot sound), Sith Master (noise), oblius (noise)
LocalizationSteffen Gerlach (English), C-evo community (English), Bultro (Italiano), tyllanthor (Czech), Jörg Schult (German), alekserge (Russian), NapTID (Traditional Chinese), NapTID (Simplified Chinese), Bujar Klaiqi (Albanian), Sasa Milenkovic (Serbian), deguix (Portuguese (Brazil)), Mateusz Bartkowski ('Eugen', Polish), Dan Lungescu (Romanian), Thierry Houeix (French), Geza Gabriel (Hungarian), Bulgarian

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