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Caesar III Credits

31 people (29 developers, 2 thanks)


DesignerDavid Lester
ProgrammingSimon Bradbury
ProducerEric Ouellette
Art DirectorDarrin Horbal
ArtistsRon Alpert, Gary Bendelow, Mike Best, Adam Carriuolo, Bob Curtis, Mike Malone, Heidi Mann, Andrea Muzeroll, Martin Povey, Dennis Rose, Daniel Shutt
Manual & ResearchDavid Lester, Wayne McCaul, Ken Parker
Sound EffectsEdward Saltzman
MusicRobert L. Euvino
QA ManagerJon Payne
Lead TesterGreg Sheppard
Quality AssuranceNiall Callaghan, Brian Coons, Frank Lavole, Tony Leier, Wayne McCaul, Austin Parsons, Tom Rogers, Neal Sumsion
Map & AssignmentDouglas Gonya
DesignersEric Ouellette, Ken Parker, Greg Sheppard
Special Thanks ToChris Beatrice, Douglas Gonya

Demo Version Credits: Brittania Outpost

EmperorDavid Lester
MusicKen Parker
ScribeKen Parker
Scenario DesignEric Ouellette

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Credits for this game were contributed by piltdown_man (190930), Unrealist (197) and formercontrib (158536)