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Caillou: Magic Playhouse Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

The title screen
Sign in and choose a theme for the treasures you will collect
In the livingroom. Hmmm, we're looking for a soccer ball...
And there it is! It goes into your Treasure Trove page
Catch the butterflies Leo asks for
Build the pictured boat with the blocks on the left
Now find the picture on the left that closely matches it
One of several "success" screens, very encouraging!
In the kitchen - click the crayons to access the printable creativity pages
Select a printable activity...
...such as connect-the-dots, which offers even more choices
Here you are in Caillou's playroom - click the xylophone to start a game
When you choose the right notes, Caillou's sister is happy for you
In the dining you see Gilbert the cat?
Some necessary instruction!
Choose the song you want Caillou to sing
Drag the tiny Caillous onto the bars and click play
Watch Caillou do the Hustle!
I think we're ready to go upstairs...
Out on the balcony - click the cloud shape before it gets away!
Heading across the hallway - most lights turn on and off with a mouse-click
Caillou's room...very neat! Except for the dresser...
Match the socks in each drawer
Mom and Dad's room, and Gilbert asleep on the bed. How did he get here so fast?
The bathroom - click the toilet and the tub for surprises
Caillou's sister's room, and the Silly Stories book
Choose from each column to make a story
Then listen and laugh, or print and share it