Call of Cthulhu: The Wasted Land Credits

Red Wasp Design

ProgrammingMichael Devereux
ArtStuart Griffin
DesignTomas Rawlings
Office ManagerDebbie Rawlings
TestingLawrence Bacon, Jake Connor
TranslationIsobel Birden, Jack Chisholm, Giulio Muntoni, Dennis Schmolk

Third Party Software

Audio EngineFMOD Sound System by Firelight Technologies
Audio DesignDan Pope, Sean Perkins

Chaosium Inc.

Chaosium Inc.Charlie Crank, Dustin Wright

Special Thanks

Special ThanksClaire; Verity; Jason & the PM Studio, Melissa Worthington, The Lovecraft/Cthulhu Fan Community
Additional ThanksJez Harris, Santiago Alexander Fisher, Guy N. Cognito (@CTHUTUBE), Mobile Pie, Paul of Cthulhu, Calvium, Jim Squires, Michael Davis, Matt [Flames Rising], Jonathan Dovey (& DCRC), to anyone else we forgot to mention - cheers!

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