Call of Cthulhu: The Wasted Land Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

title screen
Select difficulty level
Lovecraft's quote
Combat mode
Close combat
Exchange stuff
Level completed
Upgrade your soldiers
Next mission
Time to shootout
Enemy soldier is so alone... kill him!
Iron cultist
My team has big problem
Bad dream
Enemy turn
reanimated bodies
Female member of team
Nightmares come true
Some levels are underground.
Buying items. Casting the spells will expend some of your sanity points.
Some missions have a time limit.
Shub-Niggurath and her young was not featured in Herbert West-Reanimator, and in fact the game makes use of an extended Lovecraftian lore, including from later stories.
Sigh, they are so slow I could develop the atomic bomb in the meantime.
In the expansion, Kaul's Diary, you get to control most of the horrors from the game.
Some Leng vs Leng action.
I'm getting scared out here.
You get to control some Cthulids as well.