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Written by  :  StorytellerShannon (19)
Written on  :  Mar 19, 2011
Platform  :  Windows
Rating  :  4.43 Stars4.43 Stars4.43 Stars4.43 Stars4.43 Stars

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My first Call of Duty experience & thumbs up on this older game

The Good

An old game I got from a friend and which plays only on my XP laptop. This is a fun and fast paced FPS which was greatly inspired by SAVING PRIVATE RYAN and BAND OF BROTHERS. Even some of the dialog is lifted directly from the movie/HBO pieces.

I didn't care too much for driving the tanks but being a military grunt was awesome. Get used to higher ups ordering you to always be on point or do the impossible because, well, it wouldn't be much of a game if you got to hang in back.

Lots of replay for this game allowing you to choose the scenarios at various difficulty levels, too. Barriers and peeking around corners are vital towards your survival. On another note they actually take the time to detail how it was back in the day so you get introductory clips in black and white. Not bad for those who know little about WWII.

WHEN PLAYED: July and August 2010; PLAYING TIME: 15 hours; REPLAY VALUE: B plus to A minus; OVERALL GRADE: A minus.

The Bad

Mostly technical. I hated not being able to play it on my Vista desktop and had to do it on my laptop XP but that's not the fault of the game.

The Bottom Line

Assuming you have the platform for it this is an admirable WWII FPS. Enjoy!