Call of Duty: Black Ops II Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title screen
Main menu
Frank Woods in 2025 recounting his rescue 39 years earlier.
Blowing up tanks.
Angola, 1986. Playing as Alex Mason. Mowing down resistance.
Shooting at enemies trying to come on board.
Woods. He's been to hell and back.
Using rocket guided missiles.
Sneaking around the jungle.
Menendez, the Big Bad
And Woods. Still a bad ass
Flying to the objective in wing suits. Welcome to 2025.
Hacked into an enemy drone.
Fighting towards the drone factory.
Future tech
The classic Nuketown map returns.
The new create-a-class
Death Machine spinning up!
Stabbing a camper.
Near-death experience
Creating an emblem.
This map, Standoff, is heavily based on the CoD 2 map Dawnville.
Defusing the bomb in demolition.
Waiting to respawn in CTF.
The campaign now has loadout selection similar to multiplayer.
This was a little cold of me.
Woods back in action in Afghanistan
Fighting Russians.
The horror of war
Resisting shooting Kravchenko. The player's actions will alter the outcome of the campaign.
The new Strike Force mode
Assuming direct control of a drone during Strike Force.
Calling in a chopper.
Resnov (?)
How Woods survived the first Black Ops.
Actually playing as the Big Bad for once.
Where have I seen this guy before?
Wait! I need to go to the bathroom first.