Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Single Player Main Menu
Main menu (consists of Special Ops, Campaign and Multiplayer).
Welcome to Afghanistan.
The loading screens are the briefing for the next mission.
That's right: another rail-shooter-section.
This doesn't look like a friendly neighbourhood.
Yay, made it to the exit alive.
Climbing a mountain and yes, you've to actually do the climbing not just watch it.
The snowstorm keeps me from being spotted.
A snowspeeder-race with weapons - that's a game I would like to buy.
The infamous airport-mission begins.
Everyone is dead - and I was the first to shoot.
Finally shooting some police instead of just civilians.
If you can guess the country this mission plays in just by looking at this shot, you know your stereotypes well.
This part of the city is in chaos.
A nice day to shoot someone.
Dogs - the worst enemies in the world of Call of Duty.
Sniperman, Sniperman - does whatever Sniperman does.
Feels a bit like the end of the world.
Using a drone to wreck some havoc.
That heli is a definite goner.
The killcam is back always showing you how bad you played.
The summary at the end of the round.
Choose your class - or make a custom one.
The whole team heading towards the enemy.
That's going to be a knife-kill.
Underwater... approaching the oil platform.
Double silent kill, timed with your comrade.
Approaching Gulag, the notorious Soviet prison.
Before landing, clearing out the towers of enemy presence.
Stopping to admire the view may easily cost you your life.
Taking out the enemy position with a guided missile.
The sub's silo doors are opening... nuclear missile is ready to launch.
Last clip, and the enemy is coming from all sides.
A very brief gameplay in space... mistook the nuke for a satellite, poor guy.
Breaching doors or walls with explosive will create a slow-motion mode allowing you to pick your targets clean on your entry.
Time to re-supply your weapons and ammo.
Sniper ammo won't help you much in the open where every side is against you.
Death from above.
Switching to night-vision.
Taking the GULAG by surprise (CoD used to be really fun and action-packed).
Captain Price makes a dramatic (and blurry) appearance.