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Atari Fossil
Written by  :  POMAH (66855)
Written on  :  Dec 02, 2008
Platform  :  Windows
Rating  :  4.43 Stars4.43 Stars4.43 Stars4.43 Stars4.43 Stars

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Poor Nazis are executed by brutal Soviets, while heroic Americans eliminate the Japanese kamikazes

The Good

This installment was my first experience in 'Call of Duty' series, and maybe something is repeated in the game, I don't know. The game is a solid action. You are always in the center of events, and you should act quick. Such approach puts whole of you in the action, and you can't stop playing. Auto-saves at checkpoints also allow you to do not stop the action.

Voices of Gary Oldman (as Sgt. Reznov) and Kiefer Sutherland (as your American mate), I guess will be also the advantages, but I didn't hear them, because played in localized Russian version. The voice-overs in it are also great.

The graphics, physics, the plot are great. Except the way it is shown. Physics, when grenade is blown near you s great. It shows that you are very confused, but you can shoot and do some actions even in such state. The "Black Cats" level, when you are a gunner in multi-gun Navi airplane, is a very nice and even sometimes melodramatic, when you have to choose either to save a sailor, who cries for help, or to eliminate another Japanese boat, who wants to eliminate your plane.

Music in the game is modern and it is nice and atmospheric.

The Bad

The most unclear moment in the game is a way Soviet soldiers are shown. In credits you will not see any of Soviet (Russian, etc.) consultants, but who did consult the developers on Soviets action then? In Stalingrad your protagonist shoot the Nazis in 10 meters with sniper rifle. Why? Also during all other episodes on Eastern front inhumanity of Soviet soldiers in German land is shown in sadistic way. I guess, that somebody wants to pervert the history. Seeing the events in Berlin, you may think that Nazis are poor lambs, who always want to live peacefully, and bad Soviet soldiers are coming to execute them. Nazis are defending and sometimes are crying, but Soviets are attacking brutally anyway and killing Nazis in cold blood. In real life, my grandfather took Berlin in 1945 heroically, and he had a medal for it, and I can't approve the way Soviets are shown. It is a shame.

The next illogical thing that quantity of your soldiers are unlimited as well as quantity of enemies. They all came and came, when you are staying in the same position, but when you'll progress further, the situation is changed. Defenders disappear and where is their source?

The next illogical and unreal situation is a way Tank battle is shown. Ok. I'm very glad that it is Russian tank is a main subject of such battle, but it is absolutely unreal. With one tank you eliminate all surrounding tanks, infantry, etc. The armour of the tank is self-regenerated and it is absolutely fantastic.

The next situation is grenades throwing. I laughed at its implementation. Sometimes it is even absurd. You may not only throw the grenade back to the enemy, who throws it to you, but also throw it to your friend to throw it further. What your friend will think of you, if he can't throw it in time? :-) I have a proposition. What if to integrate grenade throwing and baseball? You throw the grenade as a ball and your friend uses the rifle as a bat, for example. I guess it will be funny also.

But such issues are not influenced on the gameplay hardly, anyway.

The Bottom Line

The game is very nice action game, which Single-player campaign may be passed in 1-2 days. Action is non-stop, sometimes unreal, and is flown on Pacific and Eastern fronts. Soviets are shown as brutal attackers, but it is a way the developers want to show them. Different attributes and skills may be achieved and assigned to your player in non-single player combats to differ the experienced players from rookies. The game is recommended to all, who likes the solid non-stop action in FPSs, accompanied by NPCs or your friends.

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