The Cameron Files: Pharaoh's Curse Credits (Windows)

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The Cameron Files: Pharaoh's Curse Credits

The Adventure Company / DreamCatcher

PresidentRichard Wah Kan
V.P. MarketingMarshall Zwicker
ProducerAnnette Béchamp
Product ManagerRenata Richardson
Graphics Department ManagerJames Meecham
Package DesignRussell Challenger
Graphic Design and LayoutEdward Hatim
PR & Marketing CoordinatorTara Reed
Quality Assurance TestingMike Adams, Mike Mitres, Yohany Lee, Nick Mucci, Aldo Fazzari, Chris Elliott


Managing DirectorGuy Parmentier
Technical DirectorPhilippe Gaudé
Creative DirectorJean Paul Prado
Original IdeaJean Paul Prado
Scenario and DialogueClemence Jannel, Xavier Lardy
Project ManagerClemence Jannel
Game DesignClemence Jannel
StoryboardXavier Lardy
Lead DeveloperJean-Baptiste Berlioz
DeveloperDavid Boyadjian
RoughJo Barrez, Elodie Balandras
Lead SetsDavid Frappaz
SetsMarion Caillet, Adeline Chanquet, David Frappaz, Dirk Olbricht, Daniel Renner
Character ModelingFrederic DeCamps
Character TexturingStephanie Didon-Morel
Lead Animation & Special EffectsXavier Lardy
AnimationMarek Schneider, Loran Gouy
Facial AnimationFrederic Marzullo
LightLoran Gouy, Stephanie Didon-Morel
Sound Design & MixingSerge Schmidt, Yan Volsy
Original MusicYan Volsy
Sound Recording FacilitiesStudio Ambitus Grenoble
Voices Recording FacilitiesScott Production Paris
Voices Art DirectionAllan Wenger
VoicesPaul Bandey, Christina Bateman, David Gasman, Matthew Geczy, Allan Wenger
SingerDjazia Satour
TestingBug Tracker Paris Montreal

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Credits for this game were contributed by Jeanne (76519)