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Capsized Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Introduction sequence: the space ship is about to blow ... evacuate!
Title screen
Main menu
Overview of the different game types for the arcade mode
Start of the first level, at least you still have your gun.
Use the hook to grapple onto surfaces.
When you run low on health, the screen is filled with cracks and blood.
First level complete
After having dragged the barrier away, a new area can be accessed.
Using the powerful immolator to take out one of the natives.
The pulsar resembles a machine gun and fires at a fast rate.
My character is stuck with some enemies in a pit.
Using the flashlight to get a better look at the enemy.
You discover a dead member of your team. The exit icon is to the left.
This temporary power-up provides nanobots that attack anything hostile on the screen.
Carrying a boulder to a higher region of the level
It's hard not to get distracted by the amazing details in the scenery.
I discovered a wounded member of my team.
The nano caster seeks enemies automatically.
Dropping down for a surprise attack.
The priests are quite powerful and take lots of damage. Use objects in the environment to shield yourself.
Level path
This level takes place in a cave with deadly fumes.
Fighting a bot in one of the arcade modes
In the survival arcade levels you need to locate all oxygen tanks before you run out of air.