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Captain Morgane and the Golden Turtle Credits

84 people (82 developers, 2 thanks)

A Wizarbox Production

CEOFabien Bihour
COOCyril Labordrie
Project ManagersJulien Millet, Caroline Sapt, Clélia Tran
Original DesignSteve Ince
StorySteve Ince
DialoguesSteve Ince
Lead Game DesignJérôme Britneff-Bondy, Jean-Eudes Thuroczy
Additional StoryJérôme Britneff-Bondy, Jean-Eudes Thuroczy
Additional DialoguesJérôme Britneff-Bondy, Jean-Eudes Thuroczy
ScriptingAlban de Giuli, Léa Lacroix, Gael Lepolles, Sophie Michel-Frangin, Frédéric Raducki, Terry Sphabmixay
Additional Game DesignAlban de Giuli, Léa Lacroix, Gael Lepolles, Sophie Michel-Frangin, Frédéric Raducki, Terry Sphabmixay
ProgrammersDavid-Vesa Cohen, Sébastien Duperron, Damien Levacher, Vincent L'Hermite, Sylvain Libert, Cyril Marlin, Nadège Michel, Sophie Michel-Frangin, Aurélien Pocheville
Art DirectorNatalia Renault
Associate Art DirectorFrançois Berthemet
2D ArtistsFrançois Berthemet, Dimitri Bielak, Stephano Collavini, Ludovic Delcroix, Séverine Dumagny, Sandra Ferragu, Martine Mao, Natalia Renault
3D and FX DirectorLudovic Delcroix
Visual FXLudovic Delcroix, François Duminy
3D ArtistsFrançois Duminy, Pierre Gilhodes, Emmanuel Lecouturier, Jet Ming Ung, Jean-Yves Vatin
Character AnimationsPierre Gilhodes
Ambient Sounds and Background FXJérôme Britneff-Bondy, Yvan Grangeret
MusicYvan Grangeret, Julien Millet, M.A.S. [Sevres], NEO Sounds LLC
Samples fromThe Freesound Project Library
QAPaul Hedouin, Nicolas Huynh, Margaux Langlois

Mas Productions

Mas ProductionsFlora del Amo, Arnaud Rosine, Yann Rosine

Voice Credits

Voice CreditsCélia Asensio, Diego Jacques Asensio, Paul Bandey, Veronika Beiweis, Bernard Canicio, Lily Eido, Paul Fehlinger, David Gasman, Bertina Henrichs, Bibi Jacob, Mark Jane, Olivier Jankovic, Alexis Kendrick, Olivier Lambert, Clara Mc Bride, Chris Mack, Lisa Olivier, Florian Schneider, Jerome Veyhl, Aurelie Youlia, Jürgen Zwingel

Reef Entertainment Ltd

CEOPeter Rezon
Managing DirectorGareth Dain
Commercial DirectorCraig Lewis
UK SalesKevin Young

Character Communications Ltd.

DirectorKristien Wendt
PR ManagerLucy Kamall

EC Interactive PVT Ltd.

Managing DirectorRupert Young
QA ManagerShishir Chaturvedi
QA TeamShashank Ambre, Prashant Bagwe, Mohit Bharakhada, Shailesh Goyal, Vishal Karkera, Akshay Patil, Brijkishor Prajapati, JayaKrishnan S

Special Thanks

Special ThanksAdam Horner
All my love and my thanks toZachary Rezon

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Credits for this game were contributed by Sciere (746739)