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Card Games: Hoyle 2004 Edition Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

When the game first loads the player must create a player id
After creating a player id there are a couple of simple setup options. This one controls the behaviour of the AI opponents, the next controls the animations and toggle music on/off
It's optional but the player can create and customise their avatar. There are five male and five female voices to choose from
Finally with their character set up the player gets to see the main menu. Selecting Solitaire brings up a separate menu. Choosing Memory Match or Pinochle prompts for other players
Hoyle Bucks is a new feature. This screen is accessed from the main menu and shows the three Hoyle Bucks elements
The Hoyle Bucks Guide shows the in-game achievements and their associated reward
This is the Hoyle Buck Ledger showing the player's earnings
This is the Hoyle Bucks Catalog showing some of the things the player can purchase
This is the Spacemaker option. It's accessed from the main menu and it's where the player assigns and positions their Hoyle Bucks purchases
This is a two player game of memory Match. Moby Gamer is modelling his Hoyle Bucks purchases
The start of a game of Cribbage. All games start with a screen like this.
The came of Cribbage. The detailed rules open in a new browser window, it's the same for all games
When the player wins a game, whether it's Cribbage as here or a Solitaire game, there's an animation. There are several of these the most bizarre of which is a dancing cow
The game of Cribbage is being used to show the in game statistics screen. Note in the background window that as they've played the player has earned Hoyle Bucks
Selecting the Solitaire option from the main menu brings up this menu
A game of poker in progress. After the first round of betting the player may exchange one to three cards
A game of Old Maid in progress. Players discard pairs which then disappear
Bridge, this is the bidding part of the game. There is no way that the bidding system can be customised
The player can move to another game from the on-screen menu, they don't have to return to the main menu to do this. The background is a Solitaire game
The game of WAR looks the same as in previous versions of Hoyle Card Games