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Written by  :  Gutter Snipe (26)
Written on  :  Mar 03, 2003
Rating  :  3 Stars3 Stars3 Stars3 Stars3 Stars

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Despite better graphics, TDR 2K is a definite disappointment

The Good

The graphical quality took a large step forward with TDR 2K -- flying bits of people can now be seen with unprecedented clarity. You can also injure pedestrians without killing them, (e.g. take their leg clean off) though I miss seeing people explode as they run into my car, as in the first carmageddon.

Unlike the original carmageddon games, TDR 2K has a story line: The world has gone to ruin -- to control the crime, the powers that be sent the unwanted aspects of society (criminals and the poor) into city-prisons and left it to them to hash it out. It is in this situation that you find yourself, with your beauty of a man-slaying vehicle, of course. The designers mixed missions into the old school racing and bashing. If you like solving quests, then TDR 2K may have some appeal to you.

The Bad

I know the designers wanted to come up with some creative new ideas for carmageddon, instead of just rehashing the originals with improved graphics. But I think it was a monumental mistake to add quests/missions to carmageddon. If they want to give it a story line - fine. But I for one don't play carmageddon for the joy of solving missions -- I'm far more interested in destroying cop cars and getting monetary bonuses for artistically running over pedestrians. The time factor is also rather annoying. You only get a negligible time bonus for running over peds, so you have to learn where all the 'time bonus barrels' are or concentrate on smashing the competition instead of innocent people. :(

The Bottom Line

If you don't mind some out-dated graphics, I recommend getting Carmageddon 1 or 2 before trying out TDR 2K.