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Carnivores 2 - Official Website:

    Events of sequel take place on the same planet FMM UV-32. To deliver more exciting hunting experience DinoHunt Corp. opened some new locations with new and some old types of dinosaurs. Also it have changed the rules of hunting. By now, they are as follows:

    At the beginning you are given a credit of 100 points. They allow you to purchase simple weapon and choose an easy-to-hunt creatures. Once you hit them, you earn more points, depending on creature type and artifact usage. Earnig points gives you an opportunity to purchase advanced weapons, artifacts and a licence to hunt more expensive dangerous dinosaurs.

    Note: you can have several weapons and hunting licences simultaneously.

    Game features

    5 Hunting Locations 4 times bigger than in Carnivores

    6 Weapons
    - Pistol
    - Shotgun
    - Double barreled shotgun
    - X-Bow
    - Rifle
    - Sniper Rifle

    15 Types of Dinosaurs
    - Parasaurolophus
    - Ankylosaurus
    - Stegosaurus
    - Chasmosaurus

    - Allosaurus
    - Velociraptor
    - Spinosaurus
    - Ceratosaurus
    - Tyrannosaurus Rex

    Other Species
    - Galimimus
    - Dimorphodon
    - Pteranodon
    - Moschops
    - Dimetrodon
    - Brachiosaurus

    Contributed by Indra was here (20930) on Jul 06, 2003.

Unknown Source:
    Another world. Another time. Another test of the fittest. You traverse the vast new world filled with prehistoric creatures from a time long past. With enough weaponry to flatten a mountain, you begin your search. You feel a surge of dominance over your next kill, but then come to an abrupt and haunting realization. You are outnumbered, outsmarted and the object of a deadly prehistoric creature's hunt. Running cannot help you this time, the hunter has become the hunted.

  • Enter a world filled with 9 mammoth prehistoric dinosaurs.
  • Trudge through the 5 eerily realistic 3D maps, including a dense jungle, vast swamps, open deserts and more.
  • Equip yourself with a pistol, shotgun, sniper rifle, or 3 other weapons.
  • Quench your thirst for a victorious kill with the help of state-of-the-art hunting equipment.
  • Alter your plan of attack as the dinosaurs follow and learn your movements.
  • Experience the elements of a truly realistic world including fog, a hot beating sun and the dangers of the night.
  • Immerse yourself in an exquisitely detailed world filled with 3D graphics, real-time lighting and translucent water effects.
  • Rush for your weapon, or your life, as you take on these beasts in the blackness of the night.
  • Ingenious survival skills may take you to engaging hidden areas for more dino stalking action.
  • Feel a chill run down your spine as you hear the eerie shrill of a distant, but ever-present dinosaur.
  • Danger is always a second away, so prepare to crouch and take cover to avoid the charging velociraptor.

    Contributed by Alan Chan (3618) on Oct 03, 2000.