Carnivores 2 Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Welcome... to Jurassic Park!
The majestic brachiosaur, the only dinosaur you cannot harm
Night-vision goggles for midnight hunting
Allosaur on the beach
Scuba diving big game hunter
Blowing away a peaceful herbivore
Do you expect me to talk? No, Mr. Dinosaur, I expect you to DIE!
With the power of an oncoming locamotive
A velociraptor leaps for your throat
More leaping lizards!
Are we feeling just a little bit inadequent?
A carnivore prowls the ruins of an abandoned outpost
Seeking shelter inside an abandoned bunker
Sighting a T-Rex inside the human compound
Where the heck are Alan Grant and Ian Malcolm when you really need them?
To heck with Grant and Malcolm. I need Marshall, Will and Holly right now!
A velociraptor and a T-Rex fight over your still living carcass
Manmade shells of wood won't save you from Rex's wrath
Victory! A futuristic hovercraft hauls your kill out to be stuffed and mounted
Your trophy room back at home base lets you put your kills on display
You may even want to play it for the beautiful scenery...
The landscapes are wonderfully lush.
Helloooo out there! (echo: hello, hello, hello...)
Don't be fooled. T-Rex CAN reach you up there...
As it would be in real life, the little devils are remarkably hard to peg at a distance.
A harmless pteranadon seen through binos.