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Carrier Strike Force Credits

11 people


3WireX landing and launching system for FSXRhys Eddy, Robert James
Catapult and cable-grab system for FS2004Konstantin Kukushkin
AI Traffic and navaid setup for FS2004 versionRobert Baum
Flights/situationsAdam Howe
Aircraft Carriers, Catapult steam effect, rough seas effect, carrier wake effect, animated blast shieldsRon Jeffer
F-35 and Harrier Flight DynamicsDennis Seeley
All instrument panels and gaugesFrank King
All aircraft modelsTolga Piskin, Turgut Piskin
TestingRon Jeffer, Scott Slaughter, Adam Howe
DocumentationAdam Howe
PDF/Manual authorScott Slaughter
Box/Packaging designerScott Slaughter
Abacus Project CoordinatorAdam Howe
InstallAdam Howe

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Credits for this game were contributed by Rwolf (17750)

antstream tournament