Casebook: Episode III - Snake in the Grass Credits


Game DesignerSam Clarkson
Executive ProducerLuke Reid
Game ProducerEvan Sunley James
Film ProducerZoe Linsell
Associate ProducerGraham Hambleton
WriterHenry Feltham
Level DesignHenry Feltham, Evan Sunley James
Art DirectorKieran Smith (Wal)
MusicAidan Fraser, Evan Sunley James
Sound DesignTom Bell, Evan Sunley James
Design Engineer AreographingJustin Reid
Engineer AreographingLuke Reid, Jody Williams
ProgrammingJeffery Laird, Sam Barham, Graham Aldridge, George Sealy, Andrew Williams, Jiri Fajtl, Evan Sunley James, Thomas Verbeek, Jason Mair
ArtKieran Smith (Wal), Nathan Farquhar, Haden Raw, Joel Timpson, James Doyle
CastJulian Temple (Detective James Burton), Emma Smith (Anja Nillsen), Nick Duval-Smith (Marlon Hapman), David Carballis (Father Horace Paul), Rory Furlong (Daniel White), Colin Kitchingman (Sheriff George Bouchard), Vivienne Aitken (Georgina Flavin), Hillary Norris (The Captain), Graham Hambleton (Frank Marcue)
DirectorSam Clarkson
EditorSam Clarkson
StoryHenry Feltham, Sam Clarkson
ScreenplayHenry Feltham
Director of PhotographyLuke Reid
Production ManagerZoe Linsell
Camera OperatorJustin Reid
Camera AssistantJody Williams
Sound RecordistTom Bell
Set DesignerGrant Brewer
Assistant DirectorBlake Byles
Special Thanks toThe town of Naseby

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Credits for this game were contributed by Patrick Bregger (211106)