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Caster Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu
Profile creation and difficulty level selection
The training level is a simulated environment.
She will help you with the basics and the objectives of the game.
Shooting a tree with the Pulse weapon.
Chased by a giant fish in a lake.
Jumping to avoid the flying creatures.
Use the right mouse button to switch between attacks.
A huge monster hiding in the lava.
Level completed.
If you dash, the screen will blur (if enabled in the options) to give more sense of speed.
World map - red missions are still available.
Level boss
Fighting in the water.
A blast of the Eruptor weapon
Shop screen
Encounter in the desert
An infected tree, surrounded by slimes
Skating down an icy slope
I see Calvin, but where's Hobbes?
New opening screen for the 2010 release
The 2010 release also adds the option to play as a female caster.
Female caster leaping into the air