Castle Strike Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main Menu.
Mission/Campaign Select.
There are three tutorial missions. However the instruction confirmation could be a little less transparent since you can confirm and send soldiers to the same spot.
In order to build a castle you must first build a "Keep." The towns and castles must be built on separate lands.
In-game camera is pretty impressive. This is close-up.
In-game camera is pretty impressive. This is zoomed-out.
Occasionally the game will get atmospheric. Here's a town you can build.
Cut scenes are all in-game.
Your archers await formation training.
The third training mission offers a sort of obstacle course which requires you to use siege weapons to advance through.
The Siege Tower requires four people to move it around. Once mounted on a wall your soldiers will use it like a staircase, nulling the passenger capacity.
The battering ram is important in penetrating enemy castles.
Battling uphill with ballistae and cannons.
Sappers will dig under a castle and open the doors for you.
Thorwald's nemesis in the first campaign arrives.
This is what it looks like on the losing side.
Thorwald liberates a small town.
But with great victories there are also great losses.
The game will occasionally mix it up with an unusual mission for you. This time it's a stealth one; looking for a Monk.
And though you fight to stay alive, Your body starts to shiver, For no mere mortal can resist, The evil of the thriller.
The load screens show you a map of where you are. The gleam on the sword also doubles as the load bar.
This is pre-made castle, you do not have the ability to use planters, benches or fountains.
Thorwald and his sister Svea are victorious.
The end of the first campaign "rewards" you with a sandbox to build a castle and town in. There are enemies afoot, however.
The second campaign follows the adventures of Svea, the sister of Thorwald and her husband Geoffrey the Calm of England.
As Geoffrey your first mission is to save the women who have been kidnapped by bandits.
In the second campaign you get the same types of building units with minor tweaks in naming etc but with completely new designs.
Your enemies in the second campaign are the French and Germans.
The third and final campaign will have you controlling a French Paladin named Thibaut de Chatnois.
Here is Thibaut and his soldiers getting ready for a rain-soaked battle.
new build menu
Units menu - time to build army.
usual life in the village
Spears versus axes
Small group soldiers
Battle chaos
Winter war
Castle defence
Cavalry arrives at battle