Cave Story Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title screen
Title screen (Japanese version)
Opening cut scene
The first level
Finding a health power up
Meeting the bunnies
Underwater combat
Death by Fireballs
Missile Attack
A cutscene
Using the vents to get over a large chasm.
You will often need to find certain key items in order to advance.
Using a teleport
One of many boss-battles
Nasty flying enemies
The wheel-shaped enemies explode into lots of small enemies.
Another boss-fight
Each weapon has certain advantages - Fireballs fall down.
The MG can be used to "fly".
The sword has a low shooting frequency but is very powerful.
Found a secret!
Don't get crushed by the moving rocks.
Fighting against a large vehicle called "Monster X".
Your girl companion is part of the gameplay and if you save her, there will be an alternative ending.
The Egg Corridor – one of the first imaginative locations in the game.
Some enemies work as a team.
Strong story, good characters and moral dilemmas are part of the game.
When returning to the Egg Corridor later on, much has changed
Disguised as a Mimiga