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Centipede Credits

74 people (63 developers, 11 thanks)

Leaping Lizard Software - Management

Director of Product DevelopmentEric Albers
Director of Research and DevelopmentChris Green

Leaping Lizard Software - Production

Project ManagerElaine Albers
Lead Level DesignerMark Bullock
Lead DesignerRichard Rouse III
AI ProgrammerRichard Rouse III
Senior ProgrammersEric Albers, Sergey Datskovskiy, Chris Green, Gary Skinner
Senior Artist/AnimatorsMark Bullock, Jane Miller, Steve Ogden
Programming InternsJohn Marzulli, David Smith

Leaping Lizard Software - Special Thanks

Special ThanksHeather Barclay, Jim Getz, Tareq Mirza, 3Dfx, Absolute Quality, Alisa Baker (General Counsel), Alisa Baker (General Counsel Assoc. LLP), Debbie Shlens, Eric Hayashi, Thomas J. Zahorik, Ed Logg, Dona C. Bailey (as Donna Bailey)

Hasbro Interactive - Management

President of Hasbro InteractiveThomas Dusenberry

Hasbro Interactive - Production

ProducerJeff Buccellato
Executive ProducerMichael S. Glosecki
V.P. Product Development WorldwideKevin Gillespie
V.P. Research and DevelopmentTony Parks
Senior DesignerDavid Walls
Director of Business DevelopmentJohn Sutyak
Associate Game DesignerScott Balaban
Operations and Special Projects ManagerTracy Kureta

Hasbro Interactive - Quality Assurance

TestingMark Huggins, Chris Carr, Dan McJilton
Quality Assurance SupervisorKurt Boutin
Director of Quality AssuranceMichael Craighead
U.S. Project CoordinatorRichard Alexander
LocalizationSamantha Parker, Anton Lorton, Ulrich Mühl, Jacques Martine, Jinglebell, SDL PolyLang International
Manager of Technical ServiceTony Moreira
V.P. of TechnologyRich Reily
Administrative SecretariesMichelle Bailey, Sarah Perry, Denise Wiley

Hasbro Interactive - Marketing

Product ManagerMark Goodreau
Director of MarketingRichard Cleveland
V.P. of MarketingJohn Hurlbut

Hasbro Interactive - Public Relations

Director of Public RelationsDana Henry

Hasbro Interactive - Creative Services

Director of Creative ServicesSteve Webster
Art DirectorSteve Martin
Graphic DesignerJennifer Brackett
Editorial SpecialistElizabeth Mackney

Hasbro Interactive - Legal & Finance

V.P. of FinanceRon Parkinson, Donna Mahan, Bruce Kelly, Donna Fuchs, Linda Ferros

Mondo Media - Production

ProducerMelissa Kangeter
Art Director/DesignerDean MacDonald
ArtistsBob Jeffery, Cindy Harrison, David Horowitz, Manuel Marquez, Kathryn Liu, Kelley A. Lamsens, Leila Noorani, Aubrey Ankrum, Brittnell Anderson, Marco Bertoldo

1205 Recording

1205 RecordingGreg Sweeney

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In addition to this game, the following people are listed as working on other games. No more than 25 people are listed here, even if there are more than 25 people who have also worked on other games.

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Steve Martin, 198 other games
Michael Craighead, 185 other games
Kurt Boutin, 148 other games
Mark Huggins, 74 other games
Tony Parks, 72 other games
Eric Hayashi, 71 other games
Thomas Dusenberry, 69 other games
Steve Webster, 67 other games
Samantha Parker, 64 other games
John Sutyak, 64 other games
John Hurlbut, 59 other games
Michael S. Glosecki, 58 other games
Tracy Kureta, 57 other games
Tony Moreira, 53 other games
David Walls, 51 other games
Richard Cleveland, 49 other games
Linda Ferros, 44 other games
Rich Reily, 41 other games
Kevin Gillespie, 35 other games
Dan McJilton, 35 other games
Ed Logg, 35 other games
Debbie Shlens, 34 other games
Thomas J. Zahorik, 34 other games
Donna Mahan, 31 other games


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Credits for this game were contributed by Slarty Bartfast (208), B.L. Stryker (23445) and Wizo (29524)

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