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Championship Manager 3 Credits


Sports Interactive Original ConceptOliver Collyer, Paul Collyer
Sports Interactive Development TeamAlexander Deacon, Graham Miles, Paul Norman, Kevin Tucker, Marc Vaughan, Mark Woodger
Eidos ProducerMichael Newey
Eidos Localisation ManagerFlavia Timiani-Dean
Eidos Marketing / PRLorna Evans, Michael Newey, Karen Ridley, Jonathan Rosenblatt
Eidos QA ManagerTony Bourne
Eidos Quality Assurance Lead TestersTom Murton, Daimion Pinnock
Eidos Quality Assurance TestersSam Backwith, Daryl Bibby, Lawrence Day, Steven Didd, Alex Faulkner, James Gilmour, Michael Hanley, Edward Jenkins, Paul Price, Dan Quinn, Jonathon Redington, John Ree, Simon Wells
Eidos Quality Assurance TesterJason Walker
Special Thanks ToRashon Chowdhury, Marc Duffy, Tim Ward, Arsene Wenger, Jamie Whittle
Manual DesignA.C.E.

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Credits for this game were contributed by Jason Walker (1779) and formercontrib (159039)