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Championship Manager: Season 01/02 Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu screen
Middle of game in Manager
The game initially loads to a game settings screen, this is also accessible from the main game menu.
After the game settings, which tweaks the game controls, comes the screen that tweaks the game play options
The Quick Start menu allows the player to select from a wide range of countries. Here England has been selected and some basic information has been displayed
Naturally, before a game can begin the player must enter their name
An impressive list of teams is available. The player can look at each and examine them before clicking on the 'Take Control' button in the top right to play as the manager of that team
These are the some of the start of season stats for the Chesterfield goalkeeper
I have now taken control of Chesterfield and the first thing the club does is make a press statement to that effect
More messages follow. The clubs modest expectations for the season are to avoid relegation. Game controls are handily placed over on the left
Already other teams are making bids on my players. To buy or to sell?
The game can be saved on exit. This is easily, if simply done and is a must for a game that's as complex as this. It will take ages to complete