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Chaos Overlords Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Ubiquitous titlescreen shot
a game view
another in game view
City map overview
City location detail view
Player can toggle on/off the icons of certain buildings (sites)
City overview, with important sites marked
Details of a gang to be hired. This one is rather good at combat but absolutely sucks at healing themselves. They are named "Suicide Squad" for a reason.
Some gangs, like these Bankers, actually make money for you (as can be seen from their positive upkeep), although very little.
List of commands. Equipment are vital to improve your gang's effectiveness.
Select an equipment to purchase.
Equipment detail. This armor improves the gang's defense at the cost of stealth as it is rather difficult to sneak around in such armor.
Giving the equipment to another gang. Each item has a fixed Tech level and can only be used by gangs with equal or higher Tech.
Shadow Ninja gang, when they were first hired.
Shadow Ninja gang, complete with Katana, Camouflage suit and Smoke Bombs. Where do you want the hurt package delivered?
Expand territory by ordering gangs to move to other sectors.
When enemy gangs occupying the same sector as your gang, the Attack command is available
Select an enemy gang to attack
There are different attack and hit animations for different attacks and weapon types, such as hand to hand ...
... or shotgun. My gang was literally blown off their feet ...
... or laser gun. Ouch !
Event notification at the beginning of your turn. This one says the player's gangs have taken control of a sector.
When a sector is under control, the resident gangs can be ordered to influence (i.e force cooperation) the buildings (sites).
Selecting an un-influenced site
Site details. The factory gives a nice 30% discount to all equipment purchased in the sector.
The Science Center give a small bonus to Research, helping player to complete researches a LITTLE faster. This will have to do until you get the Research Lab.
Sector details, with gangs already have their tasks assigned to them.
Site cooperation achieved.
To have access to better equipment, your gangs must research them. Again, what item can be researched depends on the gang's Tech.
Research Complete
If your gang Chaos (sell illegal stuff to make money) excessively, a police Crackdown may occur. You don't want these guys to open fire on your gangs. Seriously.
Sector control lost, if an enemy gang somehow sneaks (or fights their way) past your gangs and takes control of the sector.
Financial status. At the beginning, try to have a positive cash flow.
Attacking a sector with enemy head quarter, note all 6 enemy gang slots are occupied.
First overlord to bite the dust
Ranking of territory control after the first overlord is dead
The city after the first few turns ...
... and with a few turns left to go
Winning Screen. Yay !
Performance status of each overlord
Options Menu