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Charlaine Harris: Dying for Daylight Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

The game's main menu. This changes with each episode, the flags change, the dog is replaced, Dahlia holds a different object and characters peep from doorways.
Each episode starts with a graphic novel style introduction. Here, for episode one, it starts the story. In other episodes it summarises the game so far.
One of the game tutorial windows. This is the big one from the start of the game. Other smaller ones appear when they are needed
The start of the game and Dahlia has just arrived in New Orleans. All conversation is shown in text as well as being spoken. Game controls are at the bottom of the screen
This shows one of the hidden object elements and one of the small in-game tutorial messages
Dahlia's journal is updated automatically as the player progresses through the game.
Whack-a-mole mini-game
One of the victims of a vampire war
Word puzzle
Searching for a hidden object in the ticket booth
Assembling an outfit
This dog could be useful companion, if only for a little while
Follow the sound of the dog's bark
Using special senses to see hidden people
This guy keeps popping out from about everywhere
Passing for a nurse
Searching the crypt
The resident of this crypt doesn't look lively
Hidden object scene in the crypt
Place the tiles in the right order to unlock the gate to the underground
The story will continue in the next episode
Episode 2 title screen
Collectible cards
On the stage
Searching Alex's room for clues
The sun lamp can be hazardous for your skin
Map of New Orleans
Brewing mechanical heart fluid
Rooms with lots of spooky dolls, much like the room's occupant
Message recording
Trading for information
This farmer didn't stand a chance
Singing piglet puzzle
Hidden object scene in the kitchen
This chef seems very scared, plus his staff were all killed
Melvis is the best darn Elvis impersonator, or so he claims
Looking for a specific book
Delicious food means very little to a vampire
Glutton's room
He's very hungry, and being a vampire is rather a predicament for him
Gathering ingredients for a recipe
Having a little talk with a CIA agent
Setting some things straight
If this pirate won't talk, maybe his parrot will
A very messy table at the tavern
Souvenir store at the port
Fixing the pipeline
Avoid getting sunk on your way to the galleon
Trophy room
Building a plague rat