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atari yars

Cheerios Play Time Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
Activity selection screen
This is the Cheerios factory activity, where the magic begins by unloading crates of unprocessed oats.
You grind up the oats with this machine.
Combine the oats with water, salt, and sugar, and then stir.
Use this machine to form the cereal into their trademark shapes; put completed trays on the conveyor belt to the next phase.
Bake the Cheerios in the oven.
This machine is used to package the cereal into the boxes.
Manipulate this pair of machines to seal and paint the box.
Load the finished product onto the truck for delivery.
This is the painting activity -- match shapes to the picture and paint them.
Another painting activity screen
This is the farming activity -- plow the land, plant seeds, water, and watch the oats grow.
Harvest and bundle the oats.
This is the truck you have to use to deliver the oats; wash it first.
Inflate the tires on the truck.
Finally, the truck is ready to be loaded with oats.
The Cheerios bee expresses his approval after you finish a task.
This is the interactive breakfast activity -- you can pour cereal and milk, make orange juice and toast, run the faucet, inspect the drawers and poke the cat to make him eat from his bowl.