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Chemicus: Journey to the Other Side Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Somehow you must find your way to this tower.
Get started by solving the puzzle in the bureau
The knowledge base contains so much information that it's hard to find anything.
Another page in the in-game encyclopedia
An example of a long description with pictures.
Saved games are in the "Score" section. There are no "points" as such, though.
Inventory is located on a side bar which is accessed by clicking on a button at the bottom right.
Interactive items have subtitles displayed when you hover over them.
Find books to read which help with the story as well as clues to puzzles.
The control panel inside the transporter. Insert special cubes in the blank spots to go to new places.
Interactive screens are scattered about the complex.
You have no clue what various gizmos do until you have the proper inventory items to use with them.
A dark stairway up to the full "world".
Outside what others call the "temple".
The statue actually gives you a clue to what that place is all about.
Develop photos in this room if you have the proper chemicals, that is.
One of the many lab tables. What you are to do with everything must be discovered elsewhere.
When you get everything right, the basin fills with water.
You get a glimpse of the Tower but can't go in until much later.
You have just made Cast Iron!
A really strange looking building.
One of the few really cool movie clips happens when you ride aboard a hot air balloon.
Remembering this formula is crucial for finishing the game.