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Chessmaster 5000 Credits (Windows)

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Kids to Adults
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100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
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Chessmaster 5000 Credits


Directed ByDonald W. Laabs
Project ManagerRichard L. Seaborne
Software DesignMark Berrett, Donald W. Laabs, Richard L. Seaborne, Hyungsuk Suh
ArtistJeff Griffeath
Content ManagerBecca Martinson
ProducersGlen Hendrickson, Justin Kubiak
Additional ProgrammingDavid L. Bringhurst, Carlos Justiniano, David Petchey, Anant Prabhudesai
Additional ArtDaniel L. Guerra, Gordon Silveria
Product DocumentationChris Debo, Anne O'Brien, Lisa von Derwies
Movie PlayerParijat Chitale, David Foster, Len Frenkel, Alexander Goldobin
Installer and CD MasteringRichard Dahlgren, William Emery, David Lawrence, Sean Straw
History of ChessM. L. Rantala
User's GuideJustin Kubiak, John Tomas
QA LoadChris Gaffield
QA TechniciansWilliam A. Smithee, Tom Arkin, Stanley Biesiadecki, Lisa Carr, Julius Dialag, Ken Glley, Alfonso Guevara, Lesie Guilland, Carolyn Guy, Stewart McRae, Enamari Roque-Vizzini, Josho Swartz, Jacqueline Waters
Chess TutorialsRobert Burger, Art Marthinsen, Nick DeFirmian, Eric Schiller, Yasser Seirawan
Game AnnotationsRobert Burger, Nick DeFirmian, Eric Tangborn, John Donaldson, Ralph Dubisch, Eric Schiller, Yasser Seirawan
Rate My PlayMichael Oshiro
Book AnnotationsRobert Burger, William Haines, Nick DeFirmian, Ralph Dubisch
Project Manager (Marketing)Michael Lustenberger
Coordinations (Marketing)Laura Freedman, Ruth A. Weston
Package Art (Marketing)Myrna Peskin
Additional AssitanceJohn Hammett, Caroline Rennard

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Credits for this game were contributed by Brian Hirt (10063)