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Chicago 1930 Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main Menu
Choose your side
From the intro cut-scene
Your overall mission as the FBI
Each new area available to you will flash on the map
Mission briefing
Since there is no manual, here is some simple instructions
Load screen
Conversing with characters
Investigating the crime scene (notice the smiley faces tell the mood of NPC's)
"I wonder what's inside that vase?" Objects that can be interacted with will display a hand symbol
Find the key to this locked door
Everything is recorded in your detective notebook
An indication he wants to talk to you
If they won't go peacefully take 'em down
You can move bodies to discover what they are carrying
Mission complete
Debriefing the mission
Train your men before the next mission
Gangsters from cut-scene
It's a trap!
In hotel
Action in kitchen
Mafia squad
Fight in factory