Chocolatier 2: Secret Ingredients Credits

Big Splash Games

Original Game DesignJonathan Blossom, Stephen B. Lewis, Michael Wyman (as Michael Thornton Wyman)
ProducerMichael Wyman (as Michael Thornton Wyman)
Art DirectionStephen B. Lewis
ProgrammingJonathan Blossom
Additional Art ProductionNikitova LLC, Barbara Pollak
Music & Sound DesignSomaTone Interactive Audio
Special ThanksJefferson Dewey, Megan McCarthy, Brad Miller, Dana Pitt, Andrew Skinner, City Lights Coffee


Creative DirectorKenny Shea Dinkin
Director of ProductionCraig R. Bocks
ProducerAaron Norstad
Design ConsultantMichael McCormick
Art DirectorNicholas Stern
QA ManagerChristopher Dunn
QA LeadDrew McKinney
Quality AssuranceCesar Lemus, Amy Belden, Devin Grayson, Adam Gourdin
MarketingHeidi Perry, Sora Bai
Special ThanksTim Mensch, Brad Edelman, Maria Waters, Helen Chung, Teale Fristoe, Joshua Dudley, Noah Edelson, Cody Grayson

Congratulations and Thanks to our Panel of Master Chocolatiers and Inventors for the creation of the following confections

Amazonian Fire Ants bySaint Dragon
Sweet and Spicy Truffles byTintagel70
Gingered Pumpkin Pralines byLattegato
and thanks toeveyone else who submitted recipes of their own!

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Credits for this game were contributed by LepricahnsGold (128349)