Chocolatier: Decadence by Design Credits

Big Splash Games

Original Game DesignJonathan Blossom, Stephen B. Lewis, Michael Wyman (as Michael Thornton Wyman)
ProducerMichael Wyman (as Michael Thornton Wyman)
Art DirectionStephen B. Lewis
ProgrammingJonathan Blossom
Additional Art ProductionNikitova LLC, Barbara Pollak
Audio and MusicSomaTone Interactive Audio
Opening Animation by Red i StudiosJenny Martin, Sean Jones, Chip Harris (Sound and Music), Bob Wood (Voice Over)


Creative DirectorKenny Shea Dinkin
Director of ProductionCraig R. Bocks
Senior ProducerAaron Norstad
ProducerVicki Resendez
Design ManagerMichael McCormick
Design ConsultantNicholas Carroll
Quality Assurance ManagerChristopher Dunn
Quality AssuranceCesar Lemus (Team Lead), Guy Romhild (Project Lead), Amy Jeschke, Brian DeGraf, Adam Gourdin, Victor Kunkel, Adrian Guerrero, Ryan Medina, Peter Sodbinow (as P. Tseren Sodbinow)
MarketingAnne Marie Edwards, Devin Grayson, Sean Denny
Playground Game EngineTim Mensch, Brad Edelman, Jim Brooks
Special ThanksBernie Harbermeier, Joshua Dudley, Ron Barry, David Parks, Peter Grandmaison, Maria Waters, Todd Wong, Brad Simon, Hung Chang
This game was built usingthe Playground SDK

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Credits for this game were contributed by LepricahnsGold (128348)