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The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title and main menu screen
In the first mission you need to bring out all the children from the house
Lucy tries to open a door
The children trying to flee from the bombs
The wardrobe room
Lucy can climb over some objects
Edmon and Lucy entering the Glimpse of Narnia level
Edmon lighting the torch
Edmon and Lucy entering the tunnel
They can do a special combo movement to open iced objects
In this level you need to hide Peter and Susan before Mcready finds you
Peter and Susan looking for Lucy
Peter and Susan hiding in some furniture
Checkpoints everywhere save your progress
Susan can throw balls to close the bat's entrances
The children are looking for Edmon
Bats are attacking Susan
Some objects need to be broken to access other areas
In the Wardrobe room you can select the levels to play
The children entering "Lantern Waste" level
Edmon and Susan performing his special attack movement
You can burn several objects using the torch
Here you need to prevent to fall on the holes
Only Lucy or Edmon can walk over the ice
Reaching the closed bridge
You can buy new abilities using the coins you find in the levels
Susan is throwing snow balls to stop the fires
One of our new friends is helping us
Lucy can enter small places to get to hidden areas
Susan is using the pipes and her musical ability