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atari breakout

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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the voice or video acting. 4.4
AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 3.4
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 3.8
Graphics The visual quality of the game 3.9
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 3.7
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 4.3
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 3.8
Overall User Score (17 votes) 3.9

Critic Reviews

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Many of the gamers I talk to have never played the original Xbox title Escape from Butcher Bay that anchors this value-packed release. With Dark Athena releasing on all high-powered consoles, there is absolutely no excuse not to play this incredible game.
GamesVault (May 25, 2009)
Fani Riddicka grę powinni sprawić sobie od zaraz (jeśli jeszcze tego nie zrobili), inni zaś.. cóż, jak dla mnie nie powinni mieć większych zawahań nad zakupem, jeśli tylko lubią klimaty sci-fi, ostrą akcję oraz skradanki. To naprawdę porządny kawał bardzo dobrej gry!
GameZone (May 08, 2009)
With any luck, the developers will learn from the weaker bits of Dark Athena to create a truly incredible third game for the franchise; the potential is certainly there. Although clearly too gruesome for younger audiences, Assault on Dark Athena provides more than enough entertainment for FPS lovers, even if the total package feels a little on the small side.
Gamer 2.0 (Apr 14, 2009)
With the economy on the ropes and gamers finding it harder to purchase game, you will not find a better deal than Assault on Dark Athena, which gives you two single player campaigns and a multiplayer component for one price. While the Dark Athena campaign struggles with its balancing and fighting mechanics, Butcher Bay is still as great as it ever was and with Pitch Black mode added to the multiplayer, there is sure to be something here for anyone to enjoy.
Good Game (Apr 27, 2009)
Well really this is 2 games in one. Skills will vary but there’s over 20 hours here. 8.5/10 from me.
82 (May 15, 2009)
Assault on Dark Athena is certainly a strong game but the big surprise we got from its predecessor is absent here. Still we get variation in gameplay and good action which bring an urge to keep playing. The voice-acting remains of equally high level and Vin Diesel puts down a strong performance as Riddick. The game has some downpoints but these never take the upper hand. Definitely one to check out thanks to getting both games for the price of one and for the Playstation fans it's finally their chance to meet Richard B. Riddick!
Gamereactor (Sweden) (Apr 14, 2009)
Assault on Dark Athena är ett närmast gammaldags actionäventyr och känns på flera sätt nästan föråldrat. Vilket jag dock trivs med, även om jag misstänker att många kommer tycka att det är lite för segt. Men Riddick är fortfarande den hårdaste saten jag haft nöjet att styra omkring på min TV och att få hela två äventyr med honom att slå sig igenom gör ändå att det blir en rejäl köprekommendation i slutändan.
GameStar (Germany) (Apr, 2009)
Assault on Dark Athena mag zwar nicht die Größe seines Vorgängers erreichen, aber es ist dennoch ein gelungenes Spiel, das mich über zehn Stunden an den Rechner gefesselt hat. Denn sie ist wieder da, diese Mischung aus bösen Buben und Gutmenschen, die Riddick in seinem eiskalten Universum zu einer Besonderheit macht. Blöderweise hat's Vin Diesel mit der coolen Stimme dieses Mal übertrieben. Da ist es fast schon tröstlich, dass er nur wenig von sich gibt und die anderen durchweg brillanten Sprecher deutlich längere Texte haben. Weil's das geniale Escape from Butcher Bay als Zugabe gibt, ist die Riddick-Kombo vor allem für Neueinsteiger rundum empfehlenswert.
Click! (May, 2009)
Assault on Dark Athena to produkcja warta polecenia wszystkim miłośnikom krwistej akcji, Riddicka oraz samego Vina Diesla (więcej atrakcji dla fanów talentów tego aktora na str. 48). Gra ma co prawda kilka niedoróbek, lekko postarzała się również jej oprawa graficzna, jednak niesamowity, mroczny klimat i bardzo brutalna rozgrywka – zwłaszcza walki wręcz – zapewnią ci ogromną dawkę adrenaliny. To zabawa tylko dla największych twardzieli!
Good Game (Apr 27, 2009)
Yeah for me this was one of those where once I was playing, I didn’t wanna stop. Didn’t matter if I got hungry, had to go to the toilet, it’s like, just deal with the pain and keep playing. 8/10 from me.
Valhalla (Jul 15, 2009)
Dark Athena to solidna i dobrze zrealizowana porcja rozrywki. Wraz z ulepszoną wersją Ucieczki z Butcher Bay Dark Athena stanowi świetny duet, z dobrze rozłożonymi proporcjami strzelania i skradania. Mroczny i sugestywny klimat zadowoli każdego fana filmów z Riddickiem, jak i fanów cięższych gatunkowo gier komputerowych. Jeśli jednak jesteś fanem serii Splinter Cell i szukasz skomplikowanej politycznej fabuły i gry półcieni, to raczej nie masz tu czego szukać.
80 (Apr 07, 2009)
With two great games that will take somewhere in the region of 15-20 hours to complete, superb presentation and a sense that you're playing something different to the norm, The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena comes highly recommended. If it weren't for a few unfortunate bugs and the odd strange design decision that score below this paragraph might even have been a notch higher.
Impulse Gamer (Apr, 2009)
The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault On Dark Athena is a well made action title. Though on it's own it falls short of the full Riddick experience. Having the Original Escape From Butcher Bay included makes for a nice book end experience. With everything in the package, The Chronicles Of Riddick Assault On Dark Athena is must have for any sc-fi gaming fan.
80 PC Gaming (May 03, 2009)
The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena has a lot of content to shuffle through, especially if you’ve never played Escape, so it’s totally worth getting. The dreary and convincing world Starbreeze has crafted is worth experiencing, and the unflinching violence still incites awe. As a history lesson, Escape is important, and as a design lesson, Assault teaches what not to do with a 3-hour game. Oh, and the voice acting. Totally awesome. I am not sorry for bringing this up again. As a sequel, the game stumbles a bit, but when attached with a free version of Escape, the product as a whole is much better. You know, the whole more than the sum of its parts thing.
UOL Jogos (Apr 07, 2009)
"The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena" não inova nada além do que já havia mostrado em 2004, e ainda assim indispensável, principalmente àqueles que não jogaram a versão original. O acréscimo da nova aventura e modo online aumentam a longevidade do título que passará ao menos uma semana em seu gabinete.
79 (Apr 30, 2009)
Wer Escape from Butcher Bay noch nicht sein Eigen nennt, sollte zuschlagen, denn er bekommt nicht nur zwei Spiele zum Preis von einem und einen neuen Mehrspieler-Modus, sondern auch einen echten Klassiker, der selbst heute noch eine Atmosphäre bietet, von der manche moderne Actionspiele nur träumen können. Alle anderen müssen abwägen, ob ihnen der Schwerpunkt auf Action in der neuen Kampagne zusagt, die technisch zwar die Qualität des Erstlings übertrifft, aber inhaltlich nicht erreicht. Gerade auf dem PC, auf dem Riddick nicht nur enorm hardwarehungrig ist, sondern vor allem ohne Patch mit einigen technischen Problemen zu kämpfen hat, ist das Remake nur eingeschränkt zu empfehlen. Hier ist der Griff zum mittlerweile günstigen Original sicher die bessere Wahl...
Gameplay (Benelux) (Feb 27, 2009)
Assault on Dark Athena is een geslaagde remake en uitbreiding met ruige en sterke actie, doch biedt geen verrassingen.
Gaming Target (May 19, 2009)
At the end of the day Dark Athena doesn't stand next to the original title. It lacks the innovation, and on top of that, the new campaign missed much of what made Escape from Butcher Bay so grand. The focal point moves away from stealth and tactics and towards an action FPS flavored game. This is only compounded by the inclusion of the title's multiplayer component, something that Vin Diesel demanded be added to the game. Despite what Atari claims, The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena certainly feels like a remake, rather than a full blown sequel they proclaim it to be. However, if you missed Escape from Butcher Bay the first time around, then the double whammy of Assault on Dark Athena covers the cost.
GameSpot (Apr 10, 2009)
The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena is many things: an attractive rerelease of an amazing game, a mildly disappointing sequel, and a forgettable online experience. If you haven't played Butcher Bay, it's a must-play. If you have, be aware of the sequel's abundant shortcomings before making a purchase. Nevertheless, though the new content lets in far too much sunlight, those that crave the darkness will still find plenty of inky crevasses in which to lurk.
Absolute Games ( (May 10, 2009)
Российский локализатор игры, компания «Акелла», сделала финт ушами: помимо обычного релиза, озаглавленного «Хроники Риддика Gold», она продает по отдельности Escape from Butcher Bay и Assault on Dark Athena. Сначала я думал обругать жадных маркетологов, но теперь понимаю, что такое дробление пошло на пользу: вы покупаете римейк лучшего экшена-2004 и забываете про ущербный шестичасовой довесок. Навсегда.

NB. Итоговый балл — среднее арифметическое. Складываем EFBB (85%) и ADA с любопытными, но мертвыми сетевыми режимами (55%), делим пополам…
Cheat Happens (Apr 21, 2009)
For all of its faults, The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena can be a decent first person shooter, but following its predecessor, Escape from Butcher Bay is similar to following the Beatles or rolling Stones – you’ve got to do something new and exciting to make your audience forget about what came before. Sadly, Dark Athena tries nothing new and gives us a hackneyed version of a much loved game engine. Hey, at the very least it’s better than Wheelman…
Rock, Paper, Shotgun (May 18, 2009)
I’d probably wait for this to become less than full price before making the plunge into the shadows. It has too many flaws to be recommended without reservation, but it’s nevertheless an engaging and distracting game, particularly, I imagine, if you’ve never sampled the skull-crunching delights of the original.

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