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The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main Menu
Loading Screen
Making my way to the last ship
Cool-looking Intro.
Instead of cigarette packs you find bounty card.
Riddick shows Jagger (Ron Perlman) how to open a door
Hangin' around.
Unfortunately they were foiled and now Riddick is in Cryo
Hidin' in the shadows - waitin' for the kill.
Now that is a lot of Cryo tubes
Hard to see but I'm shooting this guard as I make my escape
Choose your weapon.
The beginning of the end (intro).
The bad girl on Dark Athena.
Collecting cigarette cartons rewards you with extra content
I think you know where this is going
Sneakin' up on a drone.
The silent kills are very gory.
Dead drones can still be useful for destroying stuff.
Hmmm..nice chandelier for a prison
This machine heals Riddick.
Taking out the wardens' guards
Epic slow-mo escape
Riddick died - that pussy!
Riddick's new toys: Ulaks
Multiple-choice dialogues are available but the outcome is always the same.
Let's spill some blood!
One of the many artworks you can unlock.
This machine permanently upgrades Riddick's health.
Used a tranquilizer on that drone
Sneaking... i must kill this drone
Fire exchange
Like Hack&Slash
Dead. Game over, load last checkpoint
Three enemies vs Riddick?
This could be a romantic scene, but it's not.
The peacemaker has spoken.
Mine is bigger than yours.
Come and get some knuckles.