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The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Cast of Characters: The evil warden Hoxie (played by Dwight "Lt. Broccoli" Schultz) gloats over bounty hunter Johns (Cole Hauser from Pitch Black), while Riddick watches in the background
Beginning of Butcher Bay: chief guard Abbott (played by Xzibit) introduces the fishes in Single Max to the new meat
Maximum Security ain't so bad. You get plenty of sun, and the company's not too psycho (other than the guy who keeps singing about his birdy).
Riddick makes his bones by killing Single Max big dog Rust (the guy with the goofy grin and the screwdriver) and his Aquilan gang
The cannibalistic sub-human Dwellers are the twisted remains of the previous prison's inmates. I'd feel sorry for them if they weren't trying to crack me open and suck out my marrow.
Dwellers have soft, gooey bodies that pop nicely when shot
The guard quarters are somewhat better accommodations than what the inmates have. Riddick can don a disguise and just stroll through unmolested.
Riddick gets into a shootout with Abbott. Abbott's smarter, quicker, and tougher than any of the other guards, but still goes down after a reasonable amount of lead.
Riddick gets sent to Double Max. The inmates here love to chat with each other, when they're not plotting to kill each other.
Double Max is filled with mean, dangerous dudes. This guy here is one of the meanest.
Riddick rips a guy's heart out with a screwdriver in a prison ring match.
Fighting in the ring for cash. Riddick's got a wide assortment of punches. Here, he's up against Sarge from Quake III.
Abbott wants a rematch. Time to teach him not to mess with the Chosen One, especially when the Chosen One's a shiv-happy psycho.
A not-so secret chat with Double Max big dog Jagger Valance, who's something of a wuss despite being played by Ron Perlman. Check the bullet hole in his arm, and the pair of angry guards behind him.
Darkness is Riddick's greatest ally. Too bad the guards have flashlights ATTACHED to their guns. Guess they have duct tape in Butcher Bay, unlike on Mars.
The world through Riddick's eyes... Riddick's eyeshine lets him see in the dark, but the dark can also see him.
Despite being caught in the middle of an alien monster invasion, these guards will happily take a minute to pop a cap in you.
A Riot Guard gets into a fight with a really, really big alien monster
The minigun rips right through all opposition. Here, a guard goes rag-doll as Riddick sends him flying.
Shootout. The screen takes on a blue-ish tinge when Riddick's concealed by shadows, but it doesn't work if you start shooting people.
The mighty Heavy Guard is impervious to your weapons. You'll have to find some other way to take it out.
Riot Guards are big and mean, but size ain't everything. Well, size is pretty important, since you'll want a minigun to rip these guys.
For his crimes against Butcher Bay, Riddick is sent to the shiny, white, sanitized Hell that is Triple Max.
The Cryogenics facility is guarded by a variety of strange robots, including screamers, attack droids (with rocket launchers!), and a new kind of Riot Armor.
Riddick hijacks a Heavy Guard and goes on a bender, turning Butcher Bay into a shooting gallery.
Hoxie's personal guards look fancy, but put up less of a fight than they were supposed to. They've still got a couple tricks up their sleeves.
Fighting in total darkness actually looks pretty cool. Observe the neat lighting effects.
In the PC-exclusive level, Riddick steals a Riot Armor and goes to town. These poor sap can't stand in his way.
These unusual Riot Armor units are exclusive to the PC. They look tough, but go down just like the rest of em.
The rather poorly named Flamingos are supposed to be the ultimate robot enforcers... in truth, they can't even penetrate your armor.
List with collected cigar packets