Chutes and Ladders Credits (Windows)

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Chutes and Ladders Credits

Hasbro Interactive

PresidentThomas Dusenberry
ProducerDave Witting
DesignerScott Balaban
Product ManagerSue Bulson
Executive ProducerDiane Shohet
Director of Business DevelopmentJohn Sutyak
V.P. Research and DevelopmentTony Parks
V.P. of TechnologyRich Reily
Director of Quality AssuranceMichael Craighead
General Manager, MarketingJohn Hurlbut
Director of Children's GamesJoe Gammal
Director of Marketing ServicesGeorge Burtch
Channel Marketing DirectorTim Evans
Director of Public RelationsLaura Tomasetti
Creative Services DirectorSteve Webster
Creative Services ManagerKathryn Lynch
Art DirectorSteve Martin
Graphic DesignerPatricia McCarthy
Editorial SpecialistElizabeth Mackney
Manager of Technical ServicesTony Moreira
Director of OperationsBob Sadacca
Operations and Special Projects ManagerTracy Kureta
Legal and FinanceLaurel Marchessault, Donna Mahan, Linda Ferros
Q.A. ManagerKurt Boutin
Q.A. SupervisorAndy Mazurek
Q.A. LeadJennifer Kaczor
Q.A. TestersJacob Hopkins, Mark Huggins, Randy Lee, Dan McJilton, Jonathan Silvius, Jason King
Special ThanksBill Colby, Todd Turner

Hasbro Interactive - Hunt Valley

Q. A. ManagerTom Falzone
Q. A. SupervisorMark Gutknecht
Q. A. LeadsSteven Purdie, Charles Lane
Q. A. TestersJeff Smith, Barry Caudill, Carl Johnson, Joe Lease, Rosalie Kofsky, Grant Frazier, Brad Hoppenstein, Jason Lego, Brandon Martin, Greg Schneider, Joe Walbeck

ImaginEngine Corp.

Creative Director/ ProducerBridget Erdmann
Lead Engineer - Magellan Interactive, Inc.Wes Gale
Executive DirectorMark Loughridge (Production Management)
Executive ProducerJon Goldman (Production Management)
Production, Coordinator Design, Documentation - Magellan Interactive, Inc.Cathy Manhall (Production Management)
Sr. DesignerWill Guy (Art/Design)
Vignette AnimationSarah Fay Krom (Animation)
Coloring and Clean‑UpAmy Rasmussen (Animation), Marion Gothier (Animation)
Title and Gamelet Animation, CartoonlandKevin Coffey (Animation)
Gamelet AnimationDon Albrecht (Animation)
Assistant AnimatorDominic Bilodeau (Animation)
Background ArtistPhillip Bossant (Backgrounds)
Character Designer & Background ArtistDelphine Louie (Backgrounds)
Background Artist - Sarbakan, Inc.Caroline Soucy (Backgrounds)
Animation Supervisor - Sarbakan, Inc.Richard Vallerand (Additional Animation)
Animator - Sarbakan, Inc.Phillipe BÈgin (Additional Animation), Louis-Guy Durnais (Additional Animation), Rémi Lortie (Additional Animation)
Animator ‑ ImaginEngineKris Moser
Image ProcessingChristen Roberts (Graphic Technicans)
Graphic TechnicanIsaac Hazard (Graphic Technicans)
Principal Sound Effects DesignerGene Porfido (Audio)
Additional Sound Effect Design - Earwax, Inc.Andrew Roth (Audio)
Talent Agent StarsBrian Hornbeck (Audio)
Talent Agent - Marla Dell TalentMarla Dell (Audio)
Writer ‑ Dialogue ScriptJames Arnold Taylor (Audio)
Chutes BOYForrest MacDougall (Voice Talent)
Chutes GIRLMaddy Ladder (Voice Talent)
Character Voices Mark Petrakis (Voice Talent)
Clown Joe Sigretto (Voice Talent)
Composer ‑ Humecke/SmithChip Smith (Voice Talent), Tony Humecke (Voice Talent)
VO Recording and Editing - The Tone LabJoe Sigretto (Voice Talent), Stacy Oku (Voice Talent)
Software Engineers - Magellan InteractiveGrant Yee (Engineering), William Lin (Engineering), Ming Chin (Engineering)
Asset Manager - Magellan InteractiveMike Wylie (Engineering)
Graphic Technican - Magellan InteractivePeter Gale (Engineering)
Special ThanksMalia Arnold (Project Comptroller), Mike Bailey

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